Wyze robot vacuum stops mid scheduled cleaning

I have a daily scheduled vacuum of the kitchen and dining room that starts around 1 am. For the last two weeks in the morning I find the vacuum powered off in some random location on the floor.

According to the cleaning history it hasn’t cleaned in that same time period.

Yesterday I had it manually clean this same area. It did clean it but it needed to stop to charge the battery mid clean. It used to clean this area with at least 40 percent of battery life left.

Any thoughts on what’s going on and what I should try to do to fix it?

How long have you had this vacuum?

I would first start by using an alcohol swab to thoroughly clean the charging contacts on the charging base and the vacuum, fully recharge, then test and monitor.

If the battery is isn’t getting a proper full charge during charging or is fluctuating during charging because of build up film on the contacts, the battery health will deteriorate rapidly. An unhealthy battery will also result in odd readings to the control board which may cause it to shut off mid-clean due to power fluctuations.

Once battery health is ruled out, then other causes can be considered.

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Since January 2021…

That’s why I was thinking battery might be the issue

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Will clean and charge and run down during the day to see what’s going on.