Robot vacuum powering off while cleaning

Running two robot vacuums, one on each floor. Totally open floor plan, so a single room of about 400sf.

When I first got the vacuum it stalled in the middle of its first cleaning. I restarted it and all was well for about 4 cleans.

Today I tried to run it when I went for a walk. Upon return it was underneath a chair, powered on, but not cleaning and with no map. I returned it to charger, charged it up, and then tried again while watching.

It was going along happily, went under a similar chair, and then said “powering on.” From that point it showed up in the wyze app in that location (and connected to wifi) but with no map. From there hitting clean does nothing, so I could only have it return home.

So it seems it’s just randomly powering off while cleaning. It’s still at over 70% charge, and I’m on the latest firmware.

is the chair hitting the power button when it goes under it? that is really really weird.

It’s definitely not hitting the power button.

But after closer observation, I DO have a theory:

The chair platform on the button has tall metal bars. The vacuum turns off at just the moment when it spins around (when it’s about to move out from under the chair) when the charging connectors on the back of the vacuum turn around right next to that metal bar. At that moment, the vac says “powering on” – even though it didn’t ever seem to shut off.

MY GUESS: the vacuum reads the metal bar of the chair bottom as the charging connectors and thinks it’s just been plugged in.


I think something similar has happened to others. definitely send in logs from the app! the devs would want to know about something like this, if this type of contact is turning it off I’m sure there is some type of programming that could be done so that during an active cleaning cycle the contacts are not active and or looking for a contact.

Thanks, Bam. That was exactly my thinking: that during the active clean status, the contacts should be shut down.

I just submitted logs with a note describing the above behavior.

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Thanks for posting your hypothesis in this thread. I have a similar issue as you’ve described. Except, I have a metal window screen that is leaning up against the wall at floor level. I have now found the vacuum completely stopped there during a run twice. I couldn’t figure out why it happened at the same exact spot. But looking at exactly where the vacuum was, it would have just swiped it’s contacts along the screen.
Good detective work.
Wyze, please solve the problem.