Robot Vacuum - User-configurable max, min, return and resume cleaning battery percent levels

To extend the useful life / capacity / charge cycles of the Li battery in the vacuum I suggest an app option to stop charge at e.g. 80% and return to base for recharge at e.g. 20%. This would give significantly longer life to the battery pack than the present 5%-100% charge/discharge cycle.

I was pleased to see that the firmware / Software already supports that charging mid-clean cycle had the vacuum restart when it had reached 60% charge - very good for battery life.

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Its a good suggestion. Wyze can just have a configurable option when I want to charge my vacuum and when I want to stop.
Did you check on IFTTT, if they have any triggers based on the battery %? If they have, you might be able to setup a rule there.

To add to this idea it would be nice if in addition to the only charge to XX% is if the vacuum could charge to 100% before a scheduled clean.

My idea of implementation would be if it is scheduled to clean at 9 AM, the vacuum knows how long it takes to change from the current SoC (state of charge) to 100% and would start charging at the appropriate time to be ready to start cleaning at 9AM.

Bonus implementation is to use previous clean records to know if a full charge would be required and only charge if it would not have enough power to complete the cleaning without a full, or close to full charge.

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If Wyze is able to add the % charge triggers in steps of 10 in IFTTT, I believe this is achievable by using Smart WiFi plug (Wyze or non wyze) to connect the Robot charger to.

All we need to do is to create IFTTT rules to (1) Stop charging (turn OFF the plug) when % is above 80
(2) Start charging when % drop below 20. (3) Keep on when the robot starts cleaning, so that the charging station is discoverable.

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BATTERY In the new Beta software (v2.17.7) the vacuum tends to return from a long distance away with only 5% battery remaining, which isn’t quite enough for it to return. (It doesn’t help that the vacuum and rollers are running on return, when they really don’t need to be). A setting to set what battery level to return with (10, or 12% would be ideal for my space) would be helpful.

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Yeah, agree. I think they should have this configurable for the user to decide. I would like my bot to return when its 15% or less. And start back when its 80% plus. By default it only waits until 60% charge before resuming

Would like it if vacuum was smart enough to to start at room furthest to way and work way back to charger so has less distance to travel when needs to go back. Seems to be opposite now that it starts closest to charger

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Seems like it returns to charge, sits there till it hits a partial charge (60% or so???), goes back out to continue cleaning, doesn’t finish, goes back to charge, hits partial charge level again, goes back out, finishes and then returns to base and fully recharges.

Would be nice to have option to have to fully charge before going back out and save all of the back and forth.

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I would set it up for 20-90% if I had a choice.

Would it be possible to add a firmware feature on battery charging that limits the charge to battery to only 60 or 75%? this feature would exponentially augment the battery life cycle to approximately 10 years for scenarios like mine where I only use 40% of the battery for a full cleanup.

Thank you,

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Agree. The ground floor of my house is just over 1k sq ft which requires two 60% partial recharges before finishing with about 40% battery left. If it would fully recharge on its first return to base, it could finish my house and not have to recharge a second time. I hope this option can be added in the future as it would knock about 45 minutes off the length of the total run time for my home.

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Allow customization of recharge threshold

When the battery on the robotic vacuum gets low (8%), it returns to the base station to recharge. When it gets to 60% it automatically resumes vacuuming. I would like to be able to adjust the percentage.

In my case, if it had charged to even 70% it would have been able to complete in one fewer charging cycle, which means it would have probably been done an hour sooner.

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Is it possible to create a new feature for the wyze vacuum that allows users to configure at what battery percentage the vacuum will resume vacuuming?

Currently this is hard coded for 65%, this forcees my vacuum to recharge twice before completing my home, if I could set this to 90 or 100%, it would only have to recharge once.

Thank you for the consideration.

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Just got a Wyze Robot Vacuum and currently love it. But this is a feature I definitely want. I’d only use the vacuum once a week, so leaving it at 100% all the time would needlessly the diminish the battery life over time.

I tried connecting the charging base to a smart plug and disconnected power to it, so that the device would stop charging, but the standby mode drained the battery down to 8% within just 9 hours! That should also be addressed, maybe a sleep mode or something, why would it drain so quickly in standby?

If possible I would consider returning the robot vacuum. Wyze has announced they will no longer develop the product so don’t expect anything in terms of new features and possibly no security updates.

I know some locations you may find some great deals, and there are 3rd party replacement brushes that will work so if you did get it at a good price then it may be worth keeping, but be warned warranty replacements will be non-existant.

Darn, thanks for the heads up though! Yeah, I got this on a smoking deal ($138 from Walmart), so I’ll probably keep and just replace the battery myself if it goes bad. I guess I should also stock up on cheap replacement parts just in case too.

Do you have a link to this? I would like to see this announcement.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any type of official announcement from Wyze. I think I saw it either on Facebook or Reddit and it was more in a passing comment that they will no longer develop for the vacuum then an official announcement. At the time people were even having issues with warranty replacement due to stock.

Odd though since now it looks like stock is back and the vacuum is still being sold at the normal rate directly from Wyze. They did have a FLASH sale sept 5th where the vacuum was $99. Wish I had seen that post as I would have easily purchased a second one, possibly even a third as a backup.