Wyze Vacuum Charging during cleaning

I love my Wyze vacuum. When it runs it’s cleaning routine, when it gets to 8% battery life, it returns back to the base to charge (as designed). However, once the vacuum gets to 60% it starts back up again without fully charging to 100%. With the size of my house, during the second run, it doesn’t complete and needs to charge again. Is there a way that I can change the threshold so that the vacuum fully charges to 100% before continuing so that it could clean the whole house with just 1 charge?

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I would really love this. My house could be cleaned it probably two full charges, but it takes 3 since the bot doesn’t fully recharge for the second one.

That would be nice, currently I’m using a work-around, instead of whole house cleaning, I schedule 2 rounds covering half of the rooms each with enough time in between for the charging.

It would be wonderful if the robot calculated how much more charge was necessary, with a buffer for returning to the base to finish your vacuum, but there is no AI there. So it uses the more simplistic percentages, with an accent on completing the vacuum as soon as possible. That’s why it returns to service at the percentage it does.

One option is to submit a wishlist item that suggests they either charge to 100%, or create a calculation to decide how much more charge would be necessary to actually complete the vacuum: