Wyze Robot Vacuum Battery management question

Do I leave the WRV on the charger when not in use?
If I vacuum once a week, it will sit on the charger for one week at 100% battery.
Will it be bad for the battery?
Any rechargeable battery is happiest between 20-90%?

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Same question here. And the indicator lights are always one, the home/power buttons are actually hot. Hope I have the option to turn the lights or charging off.

I may have to search/post in wishlist but it would be nice to have the option, though not required, to charge to a lower state of charge. Then when we start a job maybe decide to start immediately or charge to 100% and then run. For scheduling the vacuum could be smart enough to charge to the lower state until
shorlty before the scheduled run in which it will fully charge.

Bonus points if Wyze could have vacuum intelligently determine if it needs a full charge to complete the cleaning, scheduled or not, and if. It just run from the lower state of charge.

for those who use scheduled cleaning, it definitely should be able to calculate the battery needed and time needed to reach that charge level.
That would be a truly smart robot vacuum.
Good suggestions!

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