Wyze Robot Vacuum - A survey about a new feature

Hello Wyze Robot Vacuum users,

My name is Hongfei and I’m the Product Manager for Wyze Robot Vacuum. We are working on bringing more exciting features to our current Wyze Robot Vacuum! In the meanwhile, we would love to hear more from you to help us better verify user needs and improve the experience.

If you have a moment to spare, please help us fill out a short survey. The survey will take 3 minutes or less to complete. Thank you!

Thanks for your support!


Completed the survey. I’d love to beta test another Wyze product. Just ask @WyzeGwendolyn how good I am. :smiley:


#2!! Make me a mopper please :wink:


Did mine as well, provided contact information for testing.

I would love to see a mop feature. Please fix the room split feature as well. Need to be able to draw a line to an interior wall. Very frustrating. A camera mounted to the robot would be cool as well.


New features that I would like to see for the Robot vacuum is the ability to save the map so that I could reload it if there is a problem such as the map disappearing.

This would save a bunch of time not having to remap and redraw no go areas.

If you could load multiple maps, I could use it on different levels of my house.

Thanks for the consideration.


Multiple floor mapping is available now in the beta version of the app and vacuum.
I love it!


I would absolutely love to to test out a mopping feature. I recently bought a house and buying a mop robot has been on my to do list. I have a large kitchen with a laminate floor as well as a large living room/dining room hard wood floor that is constantly getting dirty from my kids.

If chosen to test it out, I would give extensive feedback and recommendations.

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Maybe a thicker bristle brush to dislodge and scoop things up from carpet


So exited about mopping feature. Please can you add a spot cleaning? Love my vacuum


I have a dog so im worried the canister will not be large enough. Any plans for a bin attachment?

I still don’t see an app option to turn off the “edge sensor”. As countless other Wyze robot vacuum users with single story homes have suggested, turning it off would be great. Instead, all of us are taping temporary stuff over the sensors to disable it manually.

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Quick question on this, I have a single level home and am curious as to why you would want to turn it off? If there is no edge, then there should be no issue. Or am I missing something here?

Asking as this may be something I should look into.


Some of us are testing this with the latest App Beta Release and Vacuum Beta Firmware. I think you will like this when it is officially released.

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The vac needs to report when it gets stuck or has some other malfunction. I’ve had mine choke on some loose fabric or shoelace and then gracelessly run out of charge and die without letting me know there’s a problem.


Hey Spam. If you had carpets with black colored areas you’d know. Black makes the Wyze bot think that there is a drop-off where none exists. The stuff taped to the bottom of the sensors tricks the robot by not allowing it to see black (or drop-offs) for that matter.


Creative solution. I don’t have carpets with black lines. I have a brown carpet with tan lines and it seems to be ok with that.

Thanks for the detailed info. Clear now.

I want to find out how in the heck they will be able to retrofit our robot vacuum’s to do mopping. That will have to be a crazy retrofit.

Spot cleaning is live in the beta