Wyze Remote - the small wireless switch the enables quick relay of instructions to your Wyze devices at home

A wireless control no larger than 4" x 2" x1", runs on one AAA battery (instead of the harder to find and more expensive disc-shaped batteries), flat on one side for ease of mounting (convert to Wyze Switch), with four face buttons. Two larger buttons on the top and bottom, and two smaller ones to the left and right. Each button can accommodate two functions by means of quick press and long press… for a total of eight distinct programmable functions. Programmable functions include… Lights ON, OFF, ON for 15 minutes then OFF, Wyze Cam BEGIN or END recording, sound Wyze Cam alarm, etc. Wishful thinking… built-in microphone enabling broadcasting voice over single or multiple Wyze Cam. Would be willing to pay $10 for a basic remote with four buttons and only four programmable functions, $15 for one with four buttons and 6~8 programmable functions, or $25 for one with everything mentioned plus microphone and possible onboard siren/alarm.

Cool idea @RogerT!
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  1. A learning Infrared receiver (use w/TV remote) to interface as a multi-function Wyze Sensor.
  2. A bluetooth receiver that works w/WiFi as Wyze Sensor control?
  3. Wyze App function that can be paired with a Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Button for Smartphones.
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Seems like it would drive the cost up significantly. I’m thinking of a physical remote switch that a household can have multiple units in different places, mounted, or free-floating.

  • Stick a few on walls, bed posts, bookcases, cabinets, to act as light switches.
  • One in each vehicle that acts as a remote to turn on porch light.
    -One sitting by chairs and sofas.

They have to be cost-effective to manufacturer.

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Sure, but how do they communicate? If you just want a switch, use the Wyze contact Sensor.
The Wyze app co$t is coding time and the remote is inexpensive.

If you haven’t been keeping up… Wyze Contact Sensors BRICKS when it’s drained of battery completely. In case you don’t know what “bricking” means, it’s when an electronic device permanently becomes disabled.

Also Wyze Sense is single-functioned, nonportable, not to mention not designed at all to be used as a switch… not even close. The functions and ease of use of the Wyze Switch I have described absolutely cannot be accomplished with the Wyze Sensor.

Yes, R&D costs money. EVERYONE knows that. Some R&D endeavors are less worthwhile than others. A remote you have so described (which sounds like a smartphone-like computing device than a simple remote) requires not only too much R&D on hardware, but also software, and most importantly… materialistically much more expensive than the Wyze Switch I have so described.