Any news on next gen Wyze Sense?

I was looking on the website for the Wyze Sense, and it says “Wyze Sense is currently not available. Stay tuned for the next generation of Wyze Sense.” I have been looking around the forum a little bit to see if there is anything about it, but I haven’t seen much. Is there any news/info about this next gen of Wyze Sense?


Hi, at the recent Wyze AMA, I remember the Wyze team mentioning the Wyze sense vs.2. I will leave a link below that will bring you to a recording of the Wyze ama, I think they started talking about it around 40 minutes in but I am not sure. I hope this helps!


Wyze has stated there will be a standalone hub. No release date has been announced yet. This and other information is in the AMA that @Illumination linked.


I’m looking for more sensors because I’m hoping to come up with an innovative way to detect leaks of water pipes under my house. I have some ideas but Wyze sensors are all out of stock. Hmmmf.

They are releasing a leak sensor. No eta though.

You can vote for a Wyze water detector here.
Also, if you have a home depot near you, check there, they usually have the Wyze sensors.

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Sensors are out of stock everywhere…awaiting version 2 from Wyze.


With all the new products being released (just saw a new smartwatch) when will the new Wyze Sense be released? I am currently waiting on some new v3 Cams and need to change out the sensors on my Freezer doors.

Same here, I ordered 2 more v3s and was hoping the new Wyze Sense would be available for pre-order.

Also any idea what the new sensors will be?

I would assume the new Sense would be released when they announce the Home Security.

While existing Wyze Sense sensors will work, we are introducing a new line of sensors that will provide the reliability needed for home security.

When is this going to launch?

We don’t have an exact date yet. Sometime in early 2021.

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I was interested in the doorbell camera and maybe even the 8-station sprinkler timer but the way they cut off support for Wyze Sense, which just fail with no recovery, makes me reconsider the longevity of the entire product line. Will the new stuff just crap out with no recovery for those products too?

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I just sold mine on eBay, replaced with Ring 10 piece pack from Costco which i hope is much more robust

I spoke to a Wyze representative to get an answer to this exact question. Here is the answer:
“Wyze has no plans to replace the old Wyze Sense products. The Home Monitoring System is the hardware replacement.”
So there is no reason to “Stay Tuned”, as the website currently says. That Wyze web page should be taken down asap, frankly.

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