The New Wyze Sense 11/19/20

The New Wyze Sense will be out in December and it’s been revamped. We know it’s coming with a hub and will work with the siren on v.3 Cam. The new sense line up will have a new interface in the app with ability to arm or disarm the system. Of course, we’ll also get good home monitoring service we can subscribe to.

What else do you know? I’m heavily invested in the current Wyze sense and will have a lot of question for @WyzeTeam

For example, what would we be able to do given the current state of Homekit & Google Assistant integration?


Oh man, I wish I knew about this earlier. Just bought a bunch of Wyze sensors like last month :slightly_frowning_face:

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It will be available for preorder in December. Not necessarily released.

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After the epic fail of the last sensor debacle… (I’ve got 22 sensors 6 have gone bad and they only replaced one of them),

I’m not taking a chance on anything again…

Just got the headphones and they won’t connect to the app

things are going from bad to worse around here.


Reboot your phone then connect it will work

Sadly that did not work either…

Do you have them physically plugged in?

It says somewhere that if they are plugged in to an audio jack it disables the bluetooth


@CapeCodTodd During pairing mode, is the light on the headphones flashing blue/red?


I just hope there is some kind of low battery warning that will alert before the sensors go dead. I have a WiFI security system that I love, EXCEPT for sensors dying with no alerts. They are my window mounted sensors. The door sensors will alert you when you engage them with open or close. But window sensors sit unused and just die. I have to set reminders to walk around the house and physically open and close over 20 windows and replace all the dead batteries. Other than that my existing WiFi security system has everything I want in a system. I will gladly replace it with a Wyze system if it works similarly.

Anyway that the new home monitoring system will come with a wall-mounted tablet panel so we can control the monitoring system like the IQ Panel