Wyze : quality and product behind?

Was researching and came to an interesting information. Couldn’t resist posting and specifically trying to have a confirmation.

Is this true that Wyze and xiomi are somehow connected? I see all of xiomi products like camera, robo vaccume etc are under wyze name and being sold by wyze with wyze firmware.
Is that true? Is wyze just a firmware and service focused rather creating their own hardware as they promise in several launch videos??
I do own almost every wyze product and multiple so knowing this was important.

I see xiomi defang camera, xiomi robo vacuum they are exactly same and wyze launch exact product

Wyze does use the same hardware manufacturer as Xiomi on some products, but they don’t just rebrand Xiomi products. There’s a little confusion online with people thinking they just rebrand other products, they don’t. They also make their own firmware for all products.
Please post any other questions!


Hello @anooppresent as @Brlepage said there is a lot of confusion on that. The reason the products look close is that Wyze uses the same manufacturer as Xiaomi for some products, the hardware is fairly close but can have some minor differences as requested by Wyze. The firmware is built by Wyze.


Does it mean, possibly we can flash xiomi with wyze firmware and vice versa? Depending how close hardware specs are?

In that case we are saying quality of hardware will be mostly identical to xiomi, firmware makes the difference?

I apologize, can’t take a developer thinking out of me.

Just curious to know and get confidence as well as reqson. Consumers like me are with Wyze due to firmware and support as similar hardware is in market in a pretty equal and low price?

You may be able to, but I wouldn’t risk it because it may not work and it’ll void your warranty.

I have not seen anyone have luck trying to flash Wyze firmware onto a Xiaomi device. In fact that is how some people found out they were sold a fake Wyze cam. I have seen some people put a variant of Xaiomi firmware onto a Wyze with some success however I have not done it.


Makes sense.

However, of course clarifies alot of questions i had. As I used to believe Wyze is unique behind those hardware +firmware as shown in product videos from beginning.

It also opens a door of possibility to try xiomi and compare with wyze and may be experiment with cross firmware to find economical as well as better options.

This has been around for years for the V1 and V2.

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