Convergent evolution in tech?

I have noticed on Amazon that there are smart plugs that look exactly like the Wyze plugs.
and just noticed that the “Xiaomi’s budget-friendly Mi Band” UI matches what is on the Wyze band.

Is Wyze finding and rebranding now or are they being copied?

I can’t speak for all Wyze products but the original V1 & V2 & I think maybe the PAN are not Wyze original design. They purchased the hardware & wrote their own firmware.

Um it’s pretty well acknowledged all around that “finding and rebranding” is what they have always done, and pretty impressively at first.

As @Customer said, it is very well known that for the most part the hardware is sourced from another company, they may request some changes in the hardware is my understanding, but what WYZE creates is the firmware and app.

Yes - well known fact. It’s a strategy used to get products to market quickly in anticipation of a buyout.