Wyse creating everything?

Is Wyse creating all these new divices or using stuff made by someone else?
Scale, watch, vacuum, monitoring system, outdoor plug, band, sprinkler, thermostat, and headphones are just some of the things introduce in 2020. How can 100 people create all those things in one year? If they did they are increadible. Anybody knows?

From their “How we made Wyze thermostat” video, they rely heavily on expert partners and also hire one for their PM.

I know that the hardware for the watches, V3, headphones, band, lock, doorbell, outdoor plug, sprinkler and thermostat were designed and invented by Wyze and other partners they work with(on some products).
The remaining products I’m not sure. Some may also be in the list above and some may not.
Wyze does use the same hardware manufacturer and supplier as Xiaomi for the V2 and Pan cameras(and possibly other products, but I’m not definitely sure), but they don’t rebrand Xiaomi products.

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Thanks for the info.