List of Wyze Suppliers, Which Products They Supply, & More

In mid-May 2021 I compiled a list of all publicly known Wyze Suppliers/Manufacturers and What products we have records of them supplying to Wyze. You will note that contrary to popular myth, NONE OF THE SUPPLIERS ARE XIAOMI, though Xiaomi does use a couple of the same suppliers/manufacturers for their products, hence the similarities or identical design for some of the products (despite differing and customized firmware, which Wyze does a much better job with).

I shared the following research with a couple of forum friends ( @spamoni4 @R.Good ) who encouraged me a month ago to post it for others too. Sorry for the delay guys. I intended to do a lot more research before posting, but due to time constraints, I’ll post what I have now, and possibly add/update more later.

Here is the List of Publicly Known Suppliers/Manufacturers Wyze Contracts with:

(up through May 16th 2021)
(Note you might have to use the Horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the list to see everything on the far side)

Supplier Wyze Products their shipments say they supply: # of shipments Earliest Date Latest Shipment Location Other businesses using this Supplier: Other Products the Company Makes:
Tianjin Hualai Technology Wyze App (Some Dev resources)
Wyze Camera
Wyze Micro Card
Wyze Plug Outdoor
Wyze Camera Outdoor
Wyze Base Station
Wyze Video Doorbell / Chime
Wyze Bulb Color
Wyze Plug
Wyze Camera Sealing Paste Sticker
UNKNOWN: Fcl Build Solid Wood
Inner Frame Quick Guide Sticker
Wyze Camera Pan
Spotlight Kit
226 5/25/20 4/25/21 No 10 Jinping Road Ya An Street Nankai Dist Tianjin Cn Globe Top Trade Co Ltd (Idaho)
Petcube Inc (Delaware)
Xiaomi (China)
Neos Smartcam
Andon Hong Kong / Ihealth Hong Kong Labs / Shenzhen 3Irobotix Headphones
Wyze Scale
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Wyze Watch
Wyze Surge Protector
64 2/2/20 4/21/21 25/F O T B Building 160 Glouces Ter Rd Wanchai Hong Kong Hk Ihealth Labs Inc Wireless Pulse Oximeter; Digital Thermometer; Smart Bloodpressure Wrist Monitor; Scale
Chongqing Luxiangjia Technology Wyze Lock/Keypad/Gateway 14 2/16/20 4/14/21 No 50Th Chanye Avenue Pulu Street Tongliang District Chongqing China (Mostly Iron/steel products like screws, washers, etc)
Longsys Storage Technology Hk Micro Card / Memory Card 11 12/20/19 4/27/21 Room 5A 5 F China Travel Hip Kee Godown No 2 Godown 1 Cheonghang Road Hung Hom Kowloon Hongkong
Tianjin Dansun Packaging Home Depot Cardboard Display for Home Depot 11 9/14/19 4/20/21 Jing Yi Road&North Wei Liu Road Aireconomic Zone Tianjin 300301 Cn
Kantiantech Sprinkler Controler / Adapter 7 11/30/20 3/29/21 No 3 Jinping Street Ya An Road Nankai District Tianjin Cn
Beijing Zhongqing Technology Lt Wyze Thermostat
Hand Vacuum Cleaner
12 11/29/20 4/24/21 Room A411 Building1 No 12 Information Road Shangdi Beijing Cn
Jiangsu Cross Border E Commerical Service (Reshipper service that reshipped the following for Ihealth)
Wyze Band
Wyze Watch
7 No 69 Feitian Avenue Jiangning Airport Econ Dev Nanjing China
Pozeen Malaysia Uknown - “Camera Packed Pallet” (Based solely on products they send other companies: Possibly a Light Switch or Floodlight set; Could be batteries or light fixtures, possibly new camera product–but most cams are through a diff supplier) 1 3/23/21 3/23/21 Lot 3 Jalan Persiaran Kemajuan Seksyen 16 40200 Shah Alam Selang Or My Ascent Battery Supply; Lume X Import; Dabmar Lighting Inc; Best Lighting Products; Net Flare Inc; Batteries Plus Inc Batteries, Light fixtures, Switches
Chongqing Zhouhai Intelligent Linkong Wyze Watch 1 8/2/21 8/2/21 Intelligent Industrial Park6 Langyue Road Shuangfeng Street Yubei Chongqing China
Longsys Electronics Hk (Hidden) 1 5/23/19 5/23/19 5/F China Travel H Longsys El Cheo Hong Kong Hong Kong Lots (including TP Link) Flash Drives, LOTS of Routers, Extenders, Wireless Chargers, etc.
Sung Jin Vietnam Electronic (Hidden) 1 1/1/2019 1/1/2019 No Fj-05 Song Khe Industrial Zone Tien Phong Village Yen Dung Town Bac Giang Provinc Vn

Actually, some of those earliest/latest dates might have outliers I missed as the shipping stuff was a little chaotic, so those were the earliest and latest dates I could easily view

Interestingly, when I googled some of those companies/suppliers, I found the FCC filings for their Wyze products in listings that weren’t actually filed under the Wyze Labs name, so you might be able to find hints on some of Wyze’s upcoming special projects by checking FCC filings including the suppliers names. I’m not sure if Wyze really does that on purpose to hide products from curious snoops like me who sometimes check the FCC filings, but it does provide some other ideas for those who do like to look for such hints.

I thought this could be a fun or useful reference, especially with so many people always wrongly saying that Wyze gets stuff from Xiaomi.

It isn’t accurate to say Wyze gets anything from Xiaomi, instead, they both just go through Tianjin Hualai Technology (and maybe Ihealth) for some of the same hardware (though Wyze makes the firmware so much better!). Wyze also uses several other suppliers for other products that Xiaomi does not use.

For those concerned that most of the suppliers are from China, I feel it is only fair to give Wyze’s own response to questions about one of them (Tianjin Hualai Technology). Basically Wyze confirms that Wyze (in the USA) maintains FULL CONTROL of API features and customer experience, so there should be nothing to be concerned about.

Lastly, I checked all of those suppliers/manufacturers against the most recent “banned Chinese Companies” list, and none of Wyze’s suppliers are on the list, so there should be no extra supply issues due to the new China bans…though the tarriffs are still probably painful.


wow. now that is well researched :slight_smile: well done.

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The FCC Grant of Certification is required before the product can be brought on US soil (with few exceptions). Wyze can rely on the foreign manufacturer for obtaining the certificate.

If Wyze uses “Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity” (SDoC) - The importer of record becomes the responsible party for compliance information & end product documentation.


Yeah, the last time I searched the FCC records for Wyze’s submissions there were a ton of Wyze products not showing up there, so I realized Wyze is definitely using someone else’s FCC filing for a lot of their products, I just didn’t who until now. Now I at least know who a lot of those suppliers are. I looked up some of them on the FCC site and they definitely have Wyze devices submitted there under the supplier name (especially Tianjin Hualai Technology has a bunch there). Sometimes it’s fun to get hints on what might be coming out soon or details about products that aren’t normally all mentioned in the product launch details.

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Impressive list and very thorough. This was definitely an eye opener to me.