OK WYZECAM folks. Be afraid, be very afraid.. All your base are belong to us

Xiaomi® Xiaofang Smart IP Camera 1080P WiFi CMOS Full HD Motion Detection 8X Zoom (Hack Merthod as Highlights URL)

Price reduce $184.95 to $115.15

p.s. If I don’t get alpha, how about head of marketing…? Cheers, WYZENED

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What’s your question…?

Isn’t this the same camera as the $20 version?

Sure looks like it. After poking around, that same camera look/design of outer shell casing has been sold for a couple of years under various brand names.



The below video basically tells the story…


Pretty much summed up in this comment on a producthunt.com page:
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<p style=“text-align: center;”>@alextsayun thank you for your comments. In creating the WyzeCam, we licensed the same industrial design as xiaofang, but we worked directly with the manufacturer to design a new version, the WyzeCam. So while the physical appearance is the same, we created our own Wyze app, firmware and AWS cloud service. We also provide US-Based Tech support to help our customers if they ran into any issues.
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So the good thing is, Wyzecam engineers are protecting the device from many attemps to hijack it. You can see some of the more creative folks hacking away at these Xiaofang hardware devices here. Any hacks of the firmware stop the device from functioning. So you’re paying for the camera, but the innards and tech to Cloud is the big bang for the buck. If you didn’t want all the cloud and special mobile apps, you could just buy a Xiaofang camera for under $20.00…

WYZE writes better software for existing Chinese hardware, so yes the camera has been around for awhile. The same outer looking product may be assembled by different companies (dashcams for example) using different quality level components, software, etc., and therefore showing different price levels for same looking gear. I’m no expert, but the specs seem the same. I’ve also seen the Xiaomi Xiofang $20 version, but that was not for the USA, European market.

Yep! We license the hardware from China but we fully build our own firmware and software.

A most needed niche solution.


I don’t understand the OP’s general statement… I mean all companies take a hardware license and build on the hardware with firmware/software enhancements and then make the product better… I myself? Am happy with the changes, corrections via software, marketing , and firmware enhancements that the wyzecam team has made… Please no negative connotations or antics. They are doing an excellent job IMO