Wyze firmware on xiaomi cameras

I have a fey wyze cameras bought in the USA and I would like to have more of them. Unfortunately they are sold by wyze out of USA and Amazon charges a lot for shipping.

But on the other hand I can get “the same” cameras from xiaomi for $22 delivered to my home. Since I like wyze software and I do not like to use 2 different apps, I wonder if there is a way to flash wyze firmware to xiaomi cameras and use them as regular wyze cams…

I don’t feel it is acceptable to ask such a question here. You’re asking for the wyze software, which wyze is paying their employees to create/maintain/support, to be used on another vendor’s camera. Wyze makes no money in doing that, and then would have to pay for you to use that camera with their Amazon Web Service.

I am willing to buy Wyze if the’d sell it to me :wink:

The Wyze firmware is not going to work on the Xiaomi hardware.

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