Wyze products connect to local network but not external internet

After router updates a random assortment of products (bulbs and plugs) will reconnect just fine, but a handful do not. It’s never the same ones. The products that do not configure properly connect to my 2.4ghz access points just fine, get IP addresses issued, have perfect reception, have plenty of bandwidth (300/300), have updated router firmware (openWRT), but can not reach the internet and are therefor un-controllable via the app. Other Wyze products do fine, and all other wireless devices in my home have no issue. Furthermore, when trying to re-initialize the products to the network they still only connect to the LAN and have no access outside the network. Currently, they are useless. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Double check your router settings to make sure that internet connectivity was not disallowed on those devices.

On my router, I can dictate which devices have internet access or just local access. Perhaps during updates, some of your settings were changed.

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Unfortunately nothing like that. While I do have that control nothing was changed to that effect. Thanks for the idea!

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That’s a bummer, if I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know!

This is a long shot but check that your router isn’t limiting certain ports. Click Here for list.

Another suggestion is to completely power down your main internet router for 10 minutes. This will reset connection (and stuck sessions) w/your ISP. After you power up and router establishes connection, wait a few minutes for it to retrain.


@dr.know rebooting network equipment after lengthy downtime resulted in even fewer wyze devices being able to connect once the reboots were done.

Lot of people with similar problems. Thinking there may be a problem with Wyze/Amazon servers.

Can I ask where you are seeing an uptick with issues like this? I literally can’t get anything re-initialized on my network now. All of my devices (about 15) are inaccessible.

Mostly I’m seeing problems with connecting after the last update. If your entire Wyze system is down then I would suspect problems with your ISP or interference on the 2.4 GHz network. You might try testing on an unrestricted network, such as Starbucks.

If that works then you know its local. If not, open a support ticket with Wyze.

It’s only wyze products. All other devices (phones, laptops, other brand IoT gear) are working perfectly fine.

I opened a ticket with Wyze. They haven’t been responsive after the easy troubleshooting steps didn’t resolve my situation.

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What brand is the router? I think I saw a post regarding Asus routers earlier. Just a thought, but I don’t rule out anything when I troubleshoot

If you aren’t making any progress with the ticket, send your Support Ticket number and description of problem to @UserCustomerGwen who seems to be quite helpful getting thigs rolling agin.

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Perhaps you have reached the maximum number of devices indicated in your router’s administrative settings. I had to raise that number on my Fios Gateway router. Adding an extender also allowed for more connection points.

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The culprit was DoT. Turning this off instantly fixed my problems. I posted about it over on this other thread: