All Wyze Devices not connecting

All my wyze devices are not connecting. This started this afternoon. Cameras, doorbell, sockets and switches. None of them connecting. I haven’t changed my network details. I have try unplugging and restart/resetting but no show

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Are you running any VPN App on your phone that needs to approve other apps to use WiFi or Cellular Data?

Whenever I forget to shut off my secure VPN nothing in the Wyze App connects.

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I don’t have any VPN on my phone.

Do you have other devices on the 2.4 GHz band of your router that are working? If not, maybe a router malfunction?

It is unusual to have all devices drop without a server issue, and as of this time there is none reported by anyone else.


All other devices apart from the wyze devices were functioning as expected.

What I had to do was to restart the router altogether. When the restart was completed all the wyze devices came back online. Not sure what happened there but they are all working now. Thanks for the great suggestions.