Wyze Pricing Error on Amazon - Support no help

Wyze offered their lock at a discount on Amazon, but the link when to a price of $107 instead of the $89 as advertised. I tired a chat with a “Wyze Wizzard” (see below) and while the person did their best they could not seem to determine why the Wyze offer was not showing up using the Amazon Link that Wyze Provided. Hopefully Wyze will find a way to honor their offers…

Chat started: 2020-09-28 08:04 PM UTC

(08:04:23 PM) Ernie Patterson: I tired to order the lock but the price is not $89. dollars it is 107
(08:04:30 PM) Wyze Wizards: We’re experiencing high support volumes, and our responses may be delayed. Hang tight, an agent will be with you as soon as possible.
(08:05:12 PM) Ernie Patterson: Your price on Amazon is wrong. Or do I need a discount code
(08:05:50 PM) *** Khelvin joined the chat ***
(08:06:06 PM) Khelvin: Hi Ernie!
(08:06:29 PM) Khelvin: Thank you for reaching out to the Wyze Wizards Team!

I hope you’re doing great. My name is Khelvin and I’m happy to assist you today!
(08:06:38 PM) Ernie Patterson: Why is t he price in the link that you sent not correct
(08:07:25 PM) Khelvin: Sorry about that. Is there a way you can send in a screenshot of it?
(08:07:45 PM) Khelvin: By the way can you tell me what item are we working at right now?
(08:08:05 PM) Ernie Patterson: Which the Email from Wyze or the Amazon Price?
(08:08:12 PM) Ernie Patterson: The Lock
(08:08:55 PM) Ernie Patterson: from the email:
(08:08:57 PM) Ernie Patterson: WYZE LOCK IS ON SALE
If you’re the type of person that likes unlocking your door from your phone or with a keypad, here’s your chance to experience Wyze Lock for $89 with Prime shipping included.
(08:09:02 PM) Khelvin: Than Amazon price, Eirnie.
(08:09:37 PM) Ernie Patterson: the link says Get It on Amazon…
(08:09:41 PM) Ernie Patterson: From Amazon:
(08:09:43 PM) Ernie Patterson: Wyze Lock WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock, Wireless & Keyless Door Entry, Hands-Free Voice Control, Home Security Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Fits on Most Deadbolts, Includes Wyze Gateway
Brand: WYZE
4.4 out of 5 stars 631 ratings
for “wyze lock”
Price: $107.98 & FREE Returns
Thank you for being a Prime member. Get $100 off ins
(08:10:15 PM) Ernie Patterson: The Wyze email shows a link with
(08:10:24 PM) Ernie Patterson: Get it on Amzaon
(08:11:00 PM) Khelvin: Thanks for providing the details of it. Please allow me a moment to check this one.
(08:15:06 PM) Khelvin: Thanks for waiting. Please be informed that we may have different pricing form Amazon as sometimes Amazon offers free shipping, Ernie.
(08:15:45 PM) Ernie Patterson: No, the email is from Wyze and says to purchase the lock on Amazon.
(08:16:17 PM) Ernie Patterson: the subject line of the Email from Wyze is:
(08:16:20 PM) Ernie Patterson: September News: Big news on upcoming Wyze products
(08:19:55 PM) Ernie Patterson: I tired to upload a screen shot but your system will not allow uploading PDFs
(08:23:14 PM) Khelvin: Sorry about that. Can you stay online for a while so I can get an exact information why the pricing we’re different?
(08:23:40 PM) Ernie Patterson: Sure, I expect the error is with Amazon and I may need a discount code.
(08:28:01 PM) Khelvin: Still on it. Please stay connected.
(08:28:56 PM) Ernie Patterson: Will do
(08:35:23 PM) Ernie Patterson: Should I post this to the Wyze Forum I use and see if others are having the same problem/
(08:35:25 PM) Ernie Patterson: ?
(08:36:47 PM) Khelvin: No worries though, I am coordinating with our orders specialist regarding this issue. I’ll be back with you with an explaination regarding this issue. Please bear with me.
(08:39:20 PM) Khelvin: Thanks for waiting. Although it seems that the email you received is form Wyze, however, please note that Amazon is a totally different company and we can’t control the pricing at thier website. If you would like to order through them that’s totally fine. And you can as well check it on our official website here: https://wyze.com/wyze-lock
(08:40:27 PM) Ernie Patterson: No, the offer was from Wyze to purchase on their Amazon Store. I can post to the different Wyze forums to see if others are having the same problem
(08:41:51 PM) Khelvin: Yes you can as well do that. However, please be informed that Amazon is our authorized dealer but we still don’t have a control on the pricing of any products in thier website or Shop page.
(08:43:12 PM) Ernie Patterson: Ok, but then Wyze should not an offer a price that Wyze can not support.
(08:45:06 PM) Ernie Patterson: Can I purchae the lock from Wyze directly at the price Wyze advertised on Amazon?
(08:45:24 PM) Khelvin: That should be, howeve, since we only have limited access to them we can’t really intervien with the pricing on thier end. We only supply products since they are a totally different company.
(08:49:13 PM) Khelvin: Again, we are very sorry for this Ernie. We recognize that there’s a big room for improvement in our ordering system and its process. We will definitely take this as a learning moment and we will continue to work hard so we can quickly improve our processes. This is not the type of support that we are aiming for and we hope that we soon, can redeem ourselves to you.
(08:50:05 PM) Ernie Patterson: Hopefully someone in the Wyze community can help.

@efpatterson I got the same email on September 21, 2020. “September News”

I see the lock was on sale for $89. I clicked on the link and it takes me to Amazon but the price is now $107.98.

Just guessing, this sale may have been for a very short time on Amazon. I do know deals on Amazon are usually short lived.

You can always keep an eye on it, and I’m sure they will run a sale on it again.

And the sad part is that the Wyze Technical Support can not seem to figure out a way to fix their issue.