Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

I think I found the solution. One of the frequent blinkers has been good for about 10 days now. I have an on and off rule on it. And…, there’s nothing plugged into it, lol. :laughing:

Really, it’s too random and the time intervals can vary a lot, as you point out. I think I have around the same 50/50 re-add as well. The same one may just need power cycle one time and a re-add the next.

Bothersome is a good word.

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Same issue here with my 4 plugs. Things seemed to be getting better for the month of March so I purchased another 2 plus some bulbs(work great) and V3 Cam(first one was a dud, replacement is great)

Today I come of home and 3 of the 4 were showing the famous “no clouds aloud”/disconnected sign. Once again have to delete them and re-add them. This is a pain as it sometime throws off my Alexa groups and I have to re add them there too. The only difference in the one working is that it had nothing plugged in.

I’ve done every troubleshooting step ever suggested plus even trying a new router and extender.

Really hope Wyze can fix this because I absolutely love their products. They are about the only “newsletter” emails I let come through my spam filter because I’m excited to see their products. Hopfully with the new Time Magazine award they will get some extra funding to help thier growing pains🙂

Log 524982

my outdoor plugs just died again a few hours after power cycling. i’m giving up! they go back to Amazon and I will get the Kasa. Seems no one from Wyze monitors this thread?

Same issue just different device. This just shows it’s not a issue with the networks or even the devices most likely. But problem server side, where communication just stops.

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@WyzeBaohua, I wouldn’t normally put you on the spot, but it has been awhile – I privately contacted you about this at the end of Feb – what is the status of this issue. Is there a better person to contact?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I wanted to report back about my rule I put in to turn the plug ON daily.
I only had the one plug active, and it finally started blinking on 4/1/2022, so it made it about 10 days.
I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but it went to the fast blinking. I deleted it from the app.
If this had worked, it might have been a decent workaround, but it failed for me.
Would it last longer sending the ON command via a rule twice a day (or hourly) I don’t know.
Good luck everyone, I have unplugged all 3 that came in the 4 pack (one has never been plugged in).
I put a link to these two big threads in the “Fix it Friday” thread, hopefully they can get around to fixing it one day.

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It’s frustrating.

An interesting point (coincidence?) to note. They seem to be more stable since my connection was repaired. Comcast, on the third trip in 6 months, sent an actual employee, vs a contractor, who hooked up an analyzer to all lines. The modem/router was losing upstream and would periodically do a full reboot if it had more than x problems connecting. Turns out a bad cable to the DVR was creating enough noise to throw off the router. Since that was repaired, I haven’t had a blinker.
As we’ve all noted, two weeks is still in the time frame where we’ve had issues, so it may be coincidence. But I suppose it could be an inconsistent response if WiFi drops out. Who knows?

+1 for me. Bought my first two indoor plugs last week. First venture into the “smart” plug area. They both constantly go offline and into the “fast blue flash” Only thing I can do is unplug/replug. Kind of frustrating, and sad to see this has been going on for so long. Same solution proposed by support as everyone else. Factory reset, and re-add to my account… Doesn’t help.

Hi everyone I have the same problem with the wyze smart plugs the 2021 models and for some reason the 2 that went offline last nite are the closest to the modem. yesterday the one the 50’ away went off line. but it was a unplug and plug back in and it worked. These other 2 had to be reset and rebooted from scratch. Why can’t wyze fix these so they look constantly for a good wifi signal

Something interesting. I was sitting next to a lamp that I’m using for a test of the failing plugs. It has a routine to turn on around 10 minutes after sunset. About an hour before sunset, the lamp flashed on and off, the plug started blinking blue and it reconnected shortly after. It was this lamp only, not the power to the house.
It was odd but it’s been working fine since. Haven’t a clue if it is related to the problem.

@mike21 I’ve seen similar behavior with one of my plugs. Maybe they have all done it, but I just didn’t catch it? The plug I’m speaking of is in the living room so I see it in the corner of my eye for several hours every day.

The only difference with my situation is the fact that I do not have a schedule rule or any other rule tied to this plug. I believe it was last Friday between 9:30 and 11:30pm when the plug just randomly flashed off, then started to slow blink for 5 seconds, followed by a fast blink for about 10 seconds, then back to slow blink again. I thought I just witnessed it go offline, when about 20 seconds later it stopped with the final slow blink and returned to the “on” state (solid blue light) as if nothing happened.

I was streaming TV and using my laptop at the time. Neither device had an issue, so I know the issue was not network related. These plugs are flaky and strange to say the least. Based on our several attempts to learn more from a WYZE employee, I am left to speculate that there is no solution in sight.

Known, I’m glad to see your response, at least under my “misery loves company” thinking. My experience was virtually the same as yours and I forgot to post it after I started writing it yesterday morning since it happened Sunday evening.
This morning, that plug is a blinker after two weeks of running okay. The only one that hasn’t wigged out is the one with nothing plugged into it; not a very helpful solution :grin: if that is the case. And it may just be another day or two before it goes out also.
I’m officially putting the three of them into retirement until there is a solution. I need to have plugs that work as we’ll be gone for a few days this month. I’ll also have a chance to remove the remote one that has been on for 24/7 for a month since it turned into a blinker.
Though I have an investment into several cameras that work well for the most part (I’ve seen them disconnect and miss a few events that weren’t missed by my other cam), I may just move to TP-link to put them all into one wrapper. For now, I’ll give that some time to see what happens.

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I have four plugs, they all have experienced the Blinkler plague at one time or another…

Last one, was the power source for one of my WCO base stations. (thought I’d use it to power cycle the WCO base station on a schedule or remotely on demand… woke up the next morning to the four WCO cams offline to discover the Wyze Plug was the issue…

So removed the Wyze plug from that purpose and put it at my desk to power one of my desk lights… to ‘babysit’ it for the next Blinker episode.

Is anyone from Wyze actually monitoring this thread (does Wyze want Log ID’s here, or not) current Log ID : 529886


I was told Wyze does not monitor these Thread…You do have Antonius, carverofchoice, spamoni4, Seapup that makeup as Form Mods and or Form Support (there are a few other’s). It’s best to call Wyze Support for issues. Good Luck.

OK everyone has problems with these and no word from Wyze on them so My question is…
What is the warranty period? I have a box and the setup guide that came with it. No mention of warranty. Most of mine are under a year old ( 4 within 3 months) - Time to start returning under warranty??

Maybe officially they dont monitor these posts but I have no doubt they are reading along. They need to see from the posts what may be causing problems and if anyone has found solutions ect ( not just the plugs but everything)


Just to add some information to the thread.

Yesterday we had an extended power outage here at the house: 4:30pm to 1:30am and using a generator for about 5 hours in between. Finally turned off the generator around 11:30pm and went to bed.

Got up this morning and ALL Wyze devices were online: HMS hub, sensors, cameras, color bulbs, plugs, including my four malfunctioning V2 plugs. Usually, something doesn’t work with the power out, but this time everything worked like a charm.

Go figure…

You would think/hope that Wyze would at least be paying attention to the beta thread:

There has been a lot of chatter there relating to the plug connection issue as well. I believe the beta fw was pulled because of the connection issues, so Wyze must be aware of it. Question now is, is anyone doing anything about it?

Based on recent disclosures, it can take WYZE up to 3 years to address well known/documented issues. That’s when the known issues are security related. I can only imagine how long they might give themselves when the issue is functional instead.

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