Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

I can confirm the work from the app when my internet connection is down. They show up as local only.

Hi Bill, thanks for the info. as I continue to feed my Wyze addiction… I have concerns that all these devices are useless without internet connectivity. Perhaps not all of them… but I think I need to create a spreadsheet / Table that list the status of each Wyze Device’s usability when one’s internet goes down.

Perhaps Wyze has this documented somewhere already so I don’t have to create the document myself?


Almost none of the Wyze devices are usable without an internet connection, at least via the app. You can turn on the plugs and switches but that’s about all.

I have the same issue with my v1 bulbs.

They connect fine. Go for a day or week just fine. Then go offline. Router logs shows no reconnection attempts while “offline”. Have to power off the bulb, then back on to get it to reconnect.

About ready to get another WiFi enabled timer switch to put the lights on. The one on my backyard lights works perfectly.

That’s sad to hear. I haven’t had an issue with a newer bulb yet and I thought about using a few bulbs in place of the plugs that don’t work.

Nix, you’re braver than I am. I’m not giving up my ecobee, other lock, and rain machine even though it would be really nice to move to a unified platform. They are 100% reliable running 24/7/365. The potential loss if any of those goes down while we’re away is bigtime.

The Wyze cams work very well, though I wouldn’t say perfectly. I’ve had cases where 2 wyze cams did not post an event yet my cheapo odd cam did catch it. I can only think it was some connectivity issue to the server that caused that. But they do seem to stay connected.

I’m going to grab a couple of Kasa plugs and give them a try, as much as I hate adding another app to the mix. I have a box of three Wyze wall switches that I’ve not installed due to this now lack of faith as it’s an effort to install them and I’m not wanting to have to flip breakers to reset them if needed.

Good Morning Mike,

I’ve had the Ecobee in a previous house, and was good with it, but in our current house, I opted to go with the Wyze Thermostat. Yes, it’s no Ecobee, but it works for how we use it in the house. For the most part, we very rarely use heat or A/C where we live now (7 miles from the ocean in southern California). So the thermostat is never ‘set’ to hold temps. It’s used to set thins manually as needed for a quick burst off then on when needed without having to walk down the hall to do so.

As for the Sprinkler Controller… it’s a major improvement over the old non wifi system that was in place… the jury is still out on it, as i had issue immediately with it out of the box only to discover it was a firmware issue being experienced by all at exact time was installing and setting mine up.

I have other cams (Amcrest & Foscam), and other lights (Wiz/Phillips color canned lights) and switches (Kaza/TP-Link) in the house that are non Wyze to compare to, and they all have positive and negatives.

Dependence on Internet Connectivity and AWS cloud services to make most of everything work without some sort of local control mode doesn’t give me warm fuzzies.


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Well, after several weeks one of my four plugs went offline. So still need a fix.

Thanks for keeping us up to date. I wish someone from WYZE would do the same. They pulled the two versions of firmware and not a peep since.

Personally, I think Wyze is MIA. They aren’t responding in the forum to any of the giant screw-ups like CamPlus Lite or the problems with the Home Monitoring hub and sensors. Seems like maybe it’s time to pull the plug on this. (Pun intended.)

Yes, that would likely be the wise thing to do. :weary:

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Mine are the older v1 bulbs.

It’s odd to. Has to be a server side issue, or bulb not responding issue. I can see in my router the bulb is connected. But the app says it’s offline & nothing I do can get it become online again, except unscrewing it & waiting a few seconds & putting it back it.

Then it works fine for a while before going “offline” in the app again. I like controlling both bulbs separately. But I need the rules to work & them to stay online.


Matthew Evatt

Mar 29, 2022, 1:35 PM PDT

I had a chat with a Wyze customer support representative a couple days ago about this problem. I’m posting it here so you can see what they said.

(08:18:40 PM) *** Michael joined the chat ***
(08:18:48 PM) Michael: Hi, Matthew. Welcome to Wyze Support Team. I’m Michael! I hope you’re doing well today.
(08:18:56 PM) Matthew Evatt: Hello, I am contacting you about problems with Wyze Plug connectivity issues. There is a rather long thread concerning this issue on your support forums, but no one there seems to have heard anything from Wyze. Here is the thread: https://forums.wyze.com/t/wyze-plugs-keep-going-offline-with-only-fix-being-pulling-it-and-replugging-it-in/207978

It would be very good if you could address this issue on that thread.
(08:20:50 PM) Michael: We appreciate you for letting us know about your plug not connecting flawlessly. I really apologize though for the inconvenience this has caused you. No worries though, I’ll do my best to help you sort things out.
(08:21:04 PM) Michael: May I ask if how many plugs are having the same issue?
(08:21:18 PM) Matthew Evatt: I have two plugs that are having the same issue.
(08:22:36 PM) Matthew Evatt: I would like to emphasize that it would be good for Wyze to address this issue more widely, for example by posting updates to that thread I pointed out.
(08:23:43 PM) Michael: I truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I will surely bring this up to our management team so the can somehow do something about this.
(08:24:10 PM) Michael: Just to clarify, when you say connectivity issue, do you mean it won’t connect in the app?
(08:25:20 PM) Michael: I can also see from here that your app version is not updated.
(08:25:36 PM) Matthew Evatt: What happens is a plug will be working correctly, and it will be shown as online in the app. Its schedule will be working as programmed. Then, suddenly I will open the app and it will say the plug is offline.
(08:25:37 PM) Michael: Please make sure to download the latest version to avoid such complications.
(08:27:53 PM) Matthew Evatt: At that point, I have to remove the plug from the app, unplug the plug from the wall outlet (or sometimes press and hold the button on the plug until the pairing light flashes continuously), then add the plug back in to the app. After that, it works, sometimes for many days, or only for hours.
(08:28:10 PM) Matthew Evatt: What is the newest version of the App? It hasn’t told me to update it recently.
(08:28:28 PM) Matthew Evatt: I have V2.28.1 (109)
(08:28:29 PM) Michael: (March 28, 2022)
(08:28:38 PM) Michael: That is the latest version of the app.
(08:29:24 PM) Matthew Evatt: OK, I will update the app.
(08:30:28 PM) Matthew Evatt: Can you explain what the problem has been with these plugs?
(08:31:21 PM) Michael: Okay.
(08:31:45 PM) Michael: There hasn’t been any issues at all. That might be a connectivity issue.
(08:32:07 PM) Matthew Evatt: Really?
(08:32:32 PM) Matthew Evatt: That’s not what those 180 messages in that support thread seem to indicate.
(08:32:46 PM) Michael: Well we had issues with Wyze Plug before but it has been fixed through an app and firmware update.
(08:34:02 PM) Matthew Evatt: You have issued at least one failed firmware update for Wyze plug. I don’t think a firmware update fixed the problem.
(08:35:03 PM) Matthew Evatt: Either way, please do speak to your management about addressing the forum for this issue. There are a lot of frustrated people on there who feel like Wyze is letting them down by not communicating with them or addressing this problem in a satisfactory way.
(08:35:12 PM) Matthew Evatt: Thanks for your time.



Wonderful conversation, lol. fyi, I’m on 229.1.116 and it doesn’t fix the problem as far as I can tell. It was only updated a day ago, according to the phone.
Beyond that, what in heaven’s name would the app do that could cause the plugs to malfunction and why would one malfunction 1500 miles away from my phone, lol.

That says it all…

Bravo Matthew! Hopefully that’ll light a fire under someone’s behind

How did this suddenly morph to include bulbs? This was a thread about plugs…


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I’m jealous power cycling works for you. It never does with any of my four. I’ve tried unplugging for a minute, several hours, over night… and still end up having to just reinstall the plug on the app.

For me, it’s roughly a 50/50 proposition. Half of the time I have to re-add the blinker to the app. The other half of the time a power cycle does it. This problem is very odd and bothersome. I can have a plug stay online for several days, then suddenly it will go offline every other day.


I got the same problem. I recently bought Wyze outdoor plugs so that i don’t have to install another app. They went offline after a few hours, power cycling works but that’s not what I expected to do for smarts plug.
I don’t know why Wyze can’t do a temporary firmware fix like: every a few minute, check if the connection is lost, then reconnect/restart the connection? I guess I should pick the Kasa instead, the reviews are much better.

I use the latest firmware and ios app btw.