Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

I have four plugs, they all have experienced the Blinkler plague at one time or another…

Last one, was the power source for one of my WCO base stations. (thought I’d use it to power cycle the WCO base station on a schedule or remotely on demand… woke up the next morning to the four WCO cams offline to discover the Wyze Plug was the issue…

So removed the Wyze plug from that purpose and put it at my desk to power one of my desk lights… to ‘babysit’ it for the next Blinker episode.

Is anyone from Wyze actually monitoring this thread (does Wyze want Log ID’s here, or not) current Log ID : 529886


I was told Wyze does not monitor these Thread…You do have Antonius, carverofchoice, spamoni4, Seapup that makeup as Form Mods and or Form Support (there are a few other’s). It’s best to call Wyze Support for issues. Good Luck.

OK everyone has problems with these and no word from Wyze on them so My question is…
What is the warranty period? I have a box and the setup guide that came with it. No mention of warranty. Most of mine are under a year old ( 4 within 3 months) - Time to start returning under warranty??

Maybe officially they dont monitor these posts but I have no doubt they are reading along. They need to see from the posts what may be causing problems and if anyone has found solutions ect ( not just the plugs but everything)


Just to add some information to the thread.

Yesterday we had an extended power outage here at the house: 4:30pm to 1:30am and using a generator for about 5 hours in between. Finally turned off the generator around 11:30pm and went to bed.

Got up this morning and ALL Wyze devices were online: HMS hub, sensors, cameras, color bulbs, plugs, including my four malfunctioning V2 plugs. Usually, something doesn’t work with the power out, but this time everything worked like a charm.

Go figure…

You would think/hope that Wyze would at least be paying attention to the beta thread:

There has been a lot of chatter there relating to the plug connection issue as well. I believe the beta fw was pulled because of the connection issues, so Wyze must be aware of it. Question now is, is anyone doing anything about it?

Based on recent disclosures, it can take WYZE up to 3 years to address well known/documented issues. That’s when the known issues are security related. I can only imagine how long they might give themselves when the issue is functional instead.

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Thats understandable when there are very important priorities such as selling light strip, or a truck with a cam stuck on it. Why would security be more imporant than that?

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There should be a new firmware going to beta soon to address the plug offline issues. I will let you know when it is released


Thanks for that information Jason.

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@WyzeJasonJ From your lips to God’s ears! These things have been driving me batty for months now.

Thanks Jason

I did get an e-mail from Jason at wyze and he did say they were working on this problem. Guess the problem will go to beta testing and see how it works. Can’t be to soon for me it’s very aggravating to have them go off line when I am miles away from home.

I’m going to try and hang in with Wyze haven’t had any big issues except these 2021 plugs

I’m not impressed. It takes them so long to acknowledge the issue and they are still working on the fix. And there is no warranty that the fix will work properly. Too bad I can’t wait. I really want to have everything in one app but these plugs already went back to Amazon and I’m using Kasa instead.

I dont believe when “fixes” and “updates” soon are announced. I think its just to calm people for a while.
I was told well over a year ago the app for the thermostat would be updated to provide more usage info ( a “smart” thermostat only provides the number of hours run everyday? useless- the one I removed for this one was 16 years old and had more data) that NEVER happened. then a couple months ago they FINALLY acknowledged a problem with hold feature of the app BUT it wouldnt be fixed until the next update, yes AFTER the heating season. Was it fixed with the latest update? NOPE!!!

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Kenny, I’m taking a wait and see attitude for the moment. I can’t justify trashing the cam investment but I needed to have reliable plugs this month so replaced these with Kasa. Not a big deal from the app perspective, I already have sprinkler, thermostat and lock apps, along with an oddball camera and Wyze.

The “vision” of Wyze; providing a large amount of interactivity between a range of devices, as well as having some controls over each other, is wonderful. But, maybe their product line is an overreach or simply too fast to market. Kasa has stuck more to the basic security/automation piece, which may be short-sighted or it could be responsibly so. A plug, switch, or camera is basic functionality; it should be a priority to keep them running and get an issue fixed.

It seems Wyze is trying to out-compete SmartThings, by providing inexpensive hardware of many (and some weird) types to the mix. I have my doubts that’s a winning strategy: butting up against an integrator with a variety of APIs. All they need is a good app and they let their partners do the heavy lifting of dealing with hardware.

I and many here do not put much Stock into Wyze, I too was on board (early)…but the speed of products and NOT FOCUSING are a core segment makes Wyze the Motel 6 of Smart Products. And as far of trashing products…My GoodWill and some unlucky buyers have the honor of dealing with Wyze. I still have 2 Outdoor Cams, Door Bell, SmartPlugs, Vacuum but will be replacing (Ring) as I have purchased to be installed. Good Luck.


Keep in mind, Kasa is just a piece of TP-Link.

Yep Bill, true. I was just looking for something that will work for the moment. I still hope Wyze brings the plugs back to life since I have 4 of them. I got a couple of Kasa to fill an immediate need.

But Kasa also adding products to Smart Things, which is a smart move as many of us have locks, t-stats, sprinkler controllers, and not to forget TVs and Smart phones that aren’t Wyze.