Wyze plug with lamp dimmer

Can I plug a lamp dimmer into a Wyze plug without damaging the dimmer?

what kind of dimmer are you speaking of? can you show a link or something of that nature?

The Wyze plug only supplies power like any other outlet, so I would think it should work perfectly fine.


I agree with @StopICU33. in looking at that product, the plug would only supply that WITH power. there’s no difference in the activity of the plug itself. you should be just fine in using that.


I’m doing exactly that with an Amazon Smart Plug, and I’ve had no problems. You shouldn’t plug a smart plug INTO a dimmer, but plugging a dimmer INTO a smart plug should be no problem at all.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I was confused about since I had read that the plug was not compatible with dimmers. Just thought I’d check for more detail.

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Ah, I understand. Those lamp dimmers aren’t very common, so I think they probably just didn’t think about the wording. Basically, they’re saying not to plug it into a wall outlet that is controlled by a dimmer. The plug itself needs to get full power from the wall. But it can certainly control something that requires LESS power. That’s much easier. :slight_smile:

What’s really needed is a networked dimmer plug that can handle up to 1000 Watts. It doesn’t exist at this point. They all work at 300 Watts or less.

Even a 100-watt equivalent LED only uses 12 or 13 watts nowadays. How many bulbs are you trying to dim at the same time off of a wall plug? Haha. (Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about electrical stuff. But… that seems like more than enough for most purposes.)

It’s for a vintage 750 Watt halogen floor standing lamp.

Wow. That’s a lotta watts.
Honestly, I doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for. With LED replacing everything, the market for a dimmer that can handle that kind of wattage is going to be infinitesimal.

Have you ever tried cooking anything on your bulb? :joy:

The bulb faces up, so In the summertime, it’s great for cooking moths. The room fills with smoke. mmmm

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It would be a great add if the Wyze smarplug had an App adjustable dimmer. I just want to control some led light sets by timer and brightness. LED is the way to go for low power consumption and plenty of brightness, oh and little to no heat produced either! I.e.; Low Wattage for you non-electrical folks!