Wyze Bulb (Dimmer Issue)

Prior to ordering the Wyze Bulb, I did not realize it would function poorly using a dimmer.

The little guide says not to use it in conjunction with a dimmer and I’m seeing why now. 1 out of 8 bulbs turn on and changes color.

And the rest are 100% controlled by the actual dimmer on the wall.

Is there a work-around to this?

What I would do Because , You no longer need the dimmer is, Replace the dimmer switch with a regular Wall switch, 10 minute job, problem solved


Many LED lights specify whether you can use them with a dimmer switch. You can dim these, just not that way.

Do the other 7 bulbs turn off and on with the app? With your wall dimmer turned all the way up

No. The rest of them only turn off and on using the actual dimmer. I’m not sure why only 1 of them works like its supposed to. Hopefully replacing the dimmer back to a normal light switch will do the trick.

I also end up seeing like 4 or 5 bulb wifi networks. Thought it would go away upon setup.

I don’t know how you set your bulbs up but I did it this way.
I set up all bulbs individually in a desk lamp near the router, After they are set up I moved them to the fixtures I wanted.
My bulb wifi networks are still there

I just put one In a fixture with a dimmer The bulb works OK But because I never use the dimmer I just now found out the dimmer doesn’t even work with the other bulbs :grin:

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@SeaMan see this
Wyze Bulbs Offline - #4 by 202-14

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I use my Wyze bulbs in lamps without dimmer switches. One works better than the other but still not anywhere close to accurate. The code has been written, I wonder why they can’t make it work for these bulbs.

Hi, @lorinatl. Welcome! I have 8 bulbs and all are working without any problems. Have you tried switching the misbehaving bulb with the good one and see if it acts differently?

If you decide to try this, make sure the lamp is unplugged before removing the bulbs to prevent further problems.

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The bulbs function fine except the dimming. Maybe it’s me, I don’t think 1% should be bright enough to read by, I expect it to be more like a night light, like that last little bit of light as it dims to off. This is 2 different bulbs in 2 different lamps. I think it’s the firmware, not the bulbs. Thanks for your idea though, it’s a good one.

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You’re welcome! I understand. I know many were hoping that the bulbs would dim much lower too. None of my bulbs will go as low as a nightlight either, but I agree it would be nice if they did.
As long as the bulbs are not defective, all of them should behave the same if they’re running equal firmware. (V

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There is a #wishlist thread on this. You can vote for it at the top-left of the topic. :slight_smile: