Bulbs fail when attached to dimmer

I installed 2 bulbs in recessed fixtures in a hallway. The switch is on a dimmer - I know, this isn’t recommended, but I instructed everyone in the house to not turn down the dimmer and instead ask Alexa to do it.

Well someone didn’t get the message, and the dimmer was turned down. Now the bulbs have failed. I put them in a lamp and tried to reset them, but they are showing no signs of life.

Is there any other way to reset them? Do the bulbs die when on a dimmer? I imagined the bulbs just wouldn’t function, but they appear to have died.

@brutuspa Welcome to the Wyze community! If the bulbs don’t start working after these steps below, it is a possibility that the bulb is damaged.

Use a lamp

To perform a factory reset on your Wyze Bulb:

  1. Turn the light switch associated with the bulb on/off 3 times
  2. Wait for Wyze Bulb to start pulsing slowly
  3. Once the bulb starts pulsing, you can either set it up again or turn the light off to preserve the factory state.

If the Bulb doesn’t start pulsing after turning the light on/off 3 times, try again while making sure that the bulb turns all the way on after each flip of the switch. Wait at least 5 seconds after the 3rd cycle to see if the Bulb begins pulsing.

Dimmer Switch

The very first faq on the bulb page says don’t use dimmer switch. There are some led bulbs that are dinner ready, but they are marked as such, and I have never seen any that can dim be also “smart bulbs”. Let the bulb itself do the dimming. Much have to secure the dimmer in the full on position then. I use a few inches of Scotch tape to let anyone know that this switch needs to stay on. I thought if using a lock out tag out kind of thing over the switch but in an emergency I want the ability to turn off the light mnaually.

You know, even leaving the dimmer all the way up / breaking / taping it is probably still a bad idea, since even at full setting it might be knocking down the power a bit.

You should probably replace the switch. (Personally I really like smart wall dimmer switches with regular dimmable LED bulbs.)

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