Bulbs start dim then reach full power

Since the latest firmware update on the bulbs ( I’ve noticed that once you turn the light switch on the bulb starts fairly low light then suddenly ‘jumps’ up to the desired brightness.
This has happened in both wyze bulbs I have.

A couple of questions:

  • Do you have the Bulbs Grouped together?
  • Are you using Sun Match on the Bulbs?
  • Is there a Sleep Routine setup which could cause this?
  • Do you have a Rule for these bulbs, which could be triggered while they are going on?

Possible item to try:

Unplug the bulbs and wait for a minute or so. Then plug them back in and see if they start to work correctly.

I have a bunch of bulbs, color and white, and have not experienced this issue.

Looks like you are using the v1 bulbs as the FW you reported is the current FW for the v1 White Bulbs. The V2 White Bulbs FW is

  • Bulbs are grouped together
  • Not using Sun Match
  • No sleep routine
  • no rules

Yes, version 1 bulbs.
I’ll unplug and wait a bit and report back.


I took em out of the group. Still problematic.
What next?

It’s normal behavior for the Bulb v1. Unlike Bulb Color and Bulb White (Bulb v2), when not powered and then powered on, the Bulb v1 goes through an initialization that includes establishing a WiFi connection as these bulbs are not BLE Bluetooth-enabled. Mine take about 1/2 second to finish this process and display full brightness (or whatever color temperature and brightness that it was in prior to being turned off) when powered on. I don’t think there is anything Wyze could do to improve this due to hardware limitations, which is why we now have Bulb White (v2).

The bulb’s model # is WLPA19.

It’s never shown this behavior before. It was only after a firmware update that this one and another bulb started doing this.
Can a Wyze team member chime in here please?

My Bulb v1s (WLPA19) been exhibiting the same behavior since I bought them in 2019. They aren’t intended to be powered off by a switch, but that’s how I use my Bulb v1s also.

This is primarily a user-to-user forum with little interaction by Wyze. Tagging @WyzeAndy on this topic for possible assistance as they make the Bulb beta firmware and app announcements. Hopefully they can “shed some light” on this subject.

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