Wyze BR30 Color Bulbs - Smart Switch Question w/ Lutron

Hi! I have a few questions around the Wyze BR30 color bulbs.

According to the product page, “Not for use in dimmer switches.”

I currently have Lutron Diva smart switches in my basement.

  1. Is it not recommended to have both a smart switch and smart bulb as they would conflict with each other?
  2. Can I still use the Lutron Diva smart switches if I only use the dimmer function from the Wyze app?
  3. If not, should I swap the wall switches to basic, non-smart versions that aren’t dimmage or go with the Wyze wall switches?

Thanks in advance!!

A Smart Switch will cut the power to the fixture, thereby severing the WiFi connection of the bulb and rendering it offline and unreachable thru the app. Every time the switch is then turned on, the bulb will go thru a Power Loss Recovery protocol since it has lost power. It also increases the possibility during long outages that the bulb will need a complete reset when power is restored.

So long as the power in the Smart Switch remains at 100%, the bulb should be ok. The problem with dimmer switches is that they work on a current metering rheostat. To dim the light at the switch, current is reduced. Most smart bulbs don’t like this because the brainey bits inside need full power maintained to maintain WiFi connection and control the bulb. Reducing the power robs the electronics of their lifeline.

Investigate if your switch has a “Smart Switch” mode rather than a “Standard Switch” mode. The Wyze Smart Switch for example, can be toggled between the two. In Standard mode it acts like a normal wall switch when turned on or off by Rules, Routines, Smart Assistant Apps, the App, or manually… it cuts the power to the fixture.

But, in “Smart” mode, it acts more like a Smart Button. It leaves power to the fixture on and uses the on\off command from all the methods listed above to turn off the Smart bulb in the fixture electronically via WiFi.

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