BR30 Un-Usable

I just bought 4 BR30s, installed them and updated the firmware.

However, they mostly only display a green color. Selecting white will make them green, selecting red or purple will make them a VERY dim red or purple, even at 100%. Any other color I select will make them green. Even 100% green is not that bright.

What’s going on?

That is really odd behavior. I have three BR30 bulbs that have the full range of color and brightness.

What app version and firmware is running? Are they grouped?

The bulb firmware is and yes they are grouped. The app version is 2.40.0 (15).

I am currently running the Beta Firmware that is being tested in this thread.

It does appear you have the most up to date iOS app.

Ungrouped the bulbs and test to see if it still exhibits the same behavior.

I solved the problem. I remember seeing somewhere that the regular color bulbs could not be used on a dimmer switch, but I did not see that on the product page for the BR30s.
My BR30s were on a dimmer, so I swapped it out for a regular switch and they work fine now.

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I’m glad you got it fixed! And also thank you for sharing why it wasn’t working and what fixed it. I will keep that in the data banks if it comes up again!

I’m hoping to add to this discussion as I’m having a similar problem. In my kitchen I have three recessed sockets that house BR30 bulbs. It also has a dimmer switch. If I add in three Wyze BR-30 Color bulbs they all turn green like you describe. If I remove one of the Wyze bulbs and replace it with a regular LED bulb then the remaining two Wyze bulbs work as expected. It’s really bizarre.

Because these br30 bulbs are not to be used on a physical dimmer switch, they need full power. This applies to all Wyze bulbs. The dimming happens via commends from the app with the Wyze bulbs.

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Dimmer switches are designed to regulate the amount of power going to an incandescent bulb. Very rarely, even when set to max, are they providing the full current available.

LED bulbs have to be marked “dimable” to be used in a switch dimmed fixture or circuit. They have a special chip in them that regulates the power to the diodes when the power drops from the dimmer switch.

Smart LED Bulbs require the same, although there are very few that can be used in a switch dimmed fixture or circuit. They require even more power regulation inside the bulb because the WiFi chip in the bulb requires full power 100% of the time while the diodes operate on regulated power. Wyze bulbs are not equipped with the power regulation chipsets required to do this. If they did, you would likely be paying 3x the cost for them.

The Green color on the Wyze bulb is the default “Something went wrong, I need a reset” color. That is why they are green during setup. They are telling you something. When you put a Wyze Bulb on a dimmer switch, any form of odd and crazy can happen depending on the power output of the particular dimmer switch you are using.

The bottom line is that Wyze Smart Bulbs are not compatible with dimmer switches. They require the full current from the house.

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