Wyze Bulb Color BR30 Firmware Beta Test 1/3/2023


What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the firmware log to be lost when the device rebooted

This isn’t showing up for me on IOS


Now it’s showing up, must have just been a little delayed


Updated successfully!

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Updated 3 bulbs to beta via OTA bulk page in current production Android app. No issues to report. Bulbs appear to be fully operational in group.


I have the br30 on since the update it has a noticeable brightness difference between the prior FW. I took a brandnew out of box and installed to test my thoughts provided is the logs from

good light outputlog 899278 (new out of box)

poor light output log 899281 (beta)

made sure in same light group. ensured same color selections.

used a light tester at same distance apart there is a significant difference in output

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @thomas1342! :raising_hand_man:

You might just want to drop a link to your Discord discussion w\ @R.Good since the pics are over there. That way you won’t need to post them here.

What happens if you set a scene in the group and apply the scene to the group rather than individually setting power, color, and warmth on each bulb?

After this, are the two different FW individual bulbs reporting the same individual settings in the app? Sill a visual difference?

Repeat the same test by setting the group settings thru a rule. What results in the individual bulbs from each FW?

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Welcome @thomas1342.

Thanks for swinging over this way.

@Mods Can we increase @thomas1342 rights for allowance of more pics so they can post results of lux test as related to the .38 firmware update, please.

Thank You team.


Their rights are increased, should be able to post more.


Thank you @WyzeJasonJ !

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i tried individually at first. then i used the scenes to adjust the whole group to ensure everything was 100% the same.

Yes there is two different firmware on the 2 bulbs in question atm. the darker one is the brighter one is fresh from box.

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Sorry, I miscommunicated. I realized you were comparing last production firmware vs beta.

I just wanted to make sure you tested application of settings on the group when toggling back and forth between two drastically different scenes to make sure the app was applying the same settings to all bulbs at the same time.

It sounds like you did that.

I have all my bulbs on the Beta so I have no comparison.


yes i went through various multi-colored scenes same color scenes before coming back to the white color of preference for the room to ensure everything was functioning in app properly and send the same signal to all bulbs.


Good testing. Jason bumped your privileges. You should be able to upload your pics of the test results now.


@SlabSlayer the pics are up now showing the meter readings


@WyzeAndy any thoughts?

@thomas1342 Soo … basically you’re saying dont’t update to this BETA software. Got it, lol. Especially given the none response from the team…

i was able to finally get ahold of someone and we were able to find the firmware where the bulbs limited output and they are currently working on finding the issue


Bump. Still dim on my end! Any updates?

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