Wyze Bulb Color, Plug Outdoor Firmware Beta Test 1/24/2022



What’s New:

  • Improved connectivity

  • Fixed a Sun Match bug

  • Fixed a Sleep Routines bug

  • Fixed Music Mode bugs

  • Version:

  • What’s new:

  • Added an optional automatic update feature

[Mod Edit]: Removed embedded space from version numbers to enhance search clarity.


Sweet, I hope this new firmware fixes my connectivity issues on a few bulbs. A couple of bulbs (not all of them) say they’re not connected, but I can usually connect to them anyway if I try to open the device in the app and make a change manually, it will change, they just make all my rules fail. Hoping this helps…if it will allow me to install the new firmware. :slight_smile:


Just updated 11 Color Bulbs and 1 Outdoor plug. All updated without issues. Even did the batch upload for how I group the bulbs. :+1:

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9 updated without issue


I just updated 3 bulbs. How does the music mode work?

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I had to power cycle one outdoor plug at home site before it would upgrade. Will wait to upgrade units at other locations as I need them online.

THANK YOU For this Color Bulb Firmware!

I just installed it on all of my color bulbs, and they all updated successfully through the batch update and ALL of them are currently showing as connected and online for the first time in at least a couple of months, and all are seeming to work properly! I was sure that Wyze would resolve the connectivity issue I was having. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to see if this also fixed the issue I was having on a single color bulb that kept flickering back and forth between a different temperature (daylight to a more orangey hue, and then back every few minutes). That would be awesome. (Edit: Nope, still getting the flickering to different temperatures on that one bulb. Ah well, I’ve come to accept it by now :slight_smile: )

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6 Wyze Bulb Color updated without issue

That must be a typo.

My outdoor plug actually says it’s on version

I am not totally convinced it is a mistype. I remember them talking about making it possible for Color Bulbs to do music mode when synced in a group with the light strips (I believe this was on the most recent Discord Public Fireside, though it might’ve been the one the founders did on Youtube toward the end of 2021). In this way, the music would be analyzed by the light strips and use their music mode and the whole group would then sync to that including the color bulbs. I was thinking how that makes a good reason to get the light strips and put them all in a group. Would make a great Christmas light show synced to the audio.

Since Wyze mentioned they were working on allowing color bulbs this ability, I think they really did do something in this firmware to help with that…but maybe that mode isn’t available to the public yet even though the firmware has improved on that feature.


Updated 9 of my color bulbs and 1 of my outdoor plugs. Bulbs went well. Plug Outdoor failed on 1st attempt, but successfully loaded on 2nd attempt.

That makes sense… re: synced to light strip controller. Was just thinking… how would music mode work with bulbs that have no mic other than using the phone/tab’s mic via app… which would be a bad idea.

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My bulbs will not update firmware. I have moved them closer to router, tried resetting, deleted and reinstalled, rebooted my phone, did an internet test (routethis), which showed no problems. They are not responding to the app, and am hoping this update will help. Any suggestions?

Are you attempting to load Wyze Bulb Color beta firmware version

I spent two days trying to get two new Wyze Bulb Colors to update to current firmware (they were new out of the box)

Failed multiple times on both.

I think what worked for me, was I cancelled the prompt, played around with changing the colors on the light, then tried again, and the firmware finally updated…

Strange behavior.


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I am having an issue where I can’t change any of the color bulb settings from the app. It can be turned on and off from the home screen but I can’t make any changes to the bulb from it’s settings screen (can’t change brightness, power, color. etc…)
Making changes from other apps (Alexa and Home) work fine.
It may have been an issue from the beginning of installing the latest firmware but it was only now that I needed to make any changes and noticed the problem.
This is with bulb firmware and app V2.28.0 (102).

I’m having the same problem. I purchased a 4-pack of Wyze Bulb Color. NONE of them will update and all get stuck on solid green. It shows connected, however, you can’t turn them off/on or change color. I took it out, let it sit overnight, and screwed the bulb back in. Once powered up, it goes back to solid green only … no change in color or intensity. I deleted the bulb from the app and started over. No change … the bulb goes green and cannot be found by the app. I’m completely stuck!

Welcome to the community @dave7

Did you factory Reset the bulb? Here is how you do it:

After the Factory Reset, you should then be able to pair it to your phone again. Note, the newer bulbs, plugs, etc require you to have Bluetooth on, so when going throgh the process, make sure your BT is on and you are connected to the same WiFi.