Mystery Bulb & Bulb Color Betas

Mystery Bulb & Bulb Color Betas

The following firmware updates are being offered to me as betas:

Wyze Bulb

Wyze Bulb Color

I can’t find any official reference to these from Wyze at all outside of them being offered in the app. There are some user references to them here and on the Wyze subreddit. No indication what changes are in them, no release notes anywhere that I can locate.

And looks the the regular Bulb one is pretty old, like from back in November 2020.

The non-beta Release Notes & Firmware page on the Wyze Support Site also has literally nothing at all under the regular Bulb menu.

Am I missing something?

the official release notes on are for production firmware’s only. this way the public is seeing stable releases and the accompanying notes as many things change during Beta.

there is a facebook group

they post on new betas there a lot and I think give the best notes there as well. keep an eye on the Beta section here as well of course though :wink:

sometimes it seems that the firmware numbers change along with the app when they update the app but nothing seems to change with a particular product. I don’t know for sure if it’s just getting it to work better with the app and no new feature included or what there. I cant find anything on the bulb numbers you indicated. more than likely it was just something for a small change on the server side.


Thanks, I somehow missed the existence of the Fbook group. I’ll check that out.

However I would also note that there is literally zero information about firmware for the regular non-color bulb on the site. It just shows up as a blank. Shouldn’t it at least show the latest official firmware release information like all of the other products do?

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Yes the wyze bulb should have some information about the current firmware at the least…

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Question… Because I am a staunch Non-Facebook user. Is the interaction with WYZE Dev or PMs more active or less active regarding Beta feedback?

it seems to vary on the product manager. some seem to prefer facebook for notifications regarding products they are working with. others use the forums effectively.

Thank you for the info.

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funny enough…this just posted lol


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