Wyze Bulbs Offline

I purchased 2 packs of the Wyze bulbs. The first set of 4 went into sockets with simple light switches and they work great. The second set went into recessed lighting in my kitchen that are on two way switches so you can turn the lights on at the front and rear of the kitchen. Additionally, one switch is a dimmer. Those 4 Wyze bulbs will not stay online. Is it the two way switches or the dimmer causing the issues? My kitchen is right next to my router so it’s not a WiFi issue.

Most likely the dimmer causing the issues

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Even with the dimmer switched to on and set power at maximum? I suspected the dimmer and thought about replacing it today with a standard switch.

SOLVED! It was indeed the dimmer switch on 2 way/3pole light set up. I swapped out the dimmer for a plain rocker switch and all is well. I did not need the dimmer switch anyway since I can dim the Wyze bulbs with app. Bulbs are working perfectly. Another A+ product by Wyze!


Cool, glad you got them working right

Well this look like another dimmer thread, but I have one bulb that I just saw is offline. It has been fine since it was installed a couple days ago. Does Wyze have a procedure to get it back online?

I don’t know, Maybe this

Thanks anyway. I got it working. Turning on and off brought it back up.

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I have two of four Wyze Bulbs that wont stay online for more than a few hours at most. I have factory rest them each time. The two others stay online. Wifi signal strength is good, the router is 2.4 and the band is correct. I hate to buy more if they are going to only be 50% functional. Any suggestions?

Hello @mjdkns and welcome to the community.

What I would try first is swapping one of the ones that stay connected with one of the ones that won’t, see if the problem follows the bulb or stays with the location. That would give a place to start troubleshooting.


I have the same issue with one of the 2 I have installed so far. I am going to try another new one and see if that narrows it down any.

I would try swapping the two if you can that way you can see if the problem follows the bulb

I swapped the two bulbs and the problem seems to have disappeared, so far…

This morning the bulb went offline in its new spot. It lasted a little longer, but same problem. Its a pretty bad product that has only a 50% rate of success (2 of my 4 bulbs have gone bad). One died two days after purchase and the other is only intermittently good. Seems like Wyze released this product too soon.

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I’m having this issue as well. After the update. My bulbs are good just "offline " as well as all my door and window sensors.