Wyze Bulb Color not working in lamp


I purchased both Wyze Bulb Color and Wyze Bulb (white only) bulbs. I previously had a Wyze Bulb (white) in a desk lamp that works perfectly fine, no issues. I tried replacing it with a Wyze Bulb Color but the color bulb just refuses to turn on at all. I put the white back in and it still works, put the color bulb in the ceiling fan and it worked so I went ahead and connected it, and updated the Firmware to make sure everything was good to go. All was working fine. Put the color bulb back in the lamp and nothing. Is there an issue with using the color bulbs in lamps that the white bulbs don’t have?

Thanks for any insight.

Welcome to the Wyze community @Trice!
I’m not an electrical expert, but the issue may be that the desk lamp does not provide enough power for the color bulb.
The color bulb requires 12 watts to work, but the regular bulb only requires 9.5 watts. The color bulb will not function if it doesn’t have 12 watts. I’m guessing the ceiling fixture outputs more power.
Can you check the wattage on the desk lamp?

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That was exactly it! I got another lamp and it worked. Thank you!

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I don’t think that was the issue. I had a lamp that was doing the same thing. It seems the contact on the bottom of the color bulb is just a wee bit shorter than most bulbs. I just had to screw it in tighter than you would normally do, and it worked fine for me after that.

Just had the same issue. Wyze color bulbs worked fine in one lamp, but not in another identical lamp. The fix is to take a flat screwdriver and gently lift up the contact inside the socket so it will connect with a bulb that doesn’t go quite as deep.

I’ve put a few different bulbs in that socket in the last few years. Likely one went a bit deeper than the Wyze color which caused the contact to get bent down too far to connect properly with a Wyze color bulb.

This is also the common cause for LED lights that flicker. When that happens there is an electrical arc being caused that will burn out your LED bulb out very quickly.