Color Bulb Not Working And Blinking

I recently installed a number of new Wyze color bulbs. Two are in my bedroom in a group. One of the bulbs in the group has stopped working and won’t turn on or allow me to see it in the group. The strange thing is that the light will randomly blink every few minutes. Any ideas what I can do to fix the bulb or get it to work?

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What kind of light fixture do you have the Wyze color bulb in? Is it a lamp or something else?

It almost sounds as if the bulb is not getting enough power.

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Maybe it’s on a circuit with a dimmer.

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Was thinking the same, but, unsure of the fixture :wink:

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The bulb is in a lamp plugged into a socket.

So it could be that you have a 3 position lamp switch.

Try rotating the switch to different positions,

Although called a 3 way it has four positions, off, lamp one (low), lamp two (medium), and lamps one and two (high).

You want to try to find the high position.

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I tried all positions on the switch but no luck. The switch is an inline cord switch and was previously working. I have two of the same light fixtures and both worked a short time ago. The one that still works doesn’t have an issue. Any other suggestions or does this bulb just need to be replaced?

I’d try checking the bulb in a different fixture just to rule out the fixture. If you get the same results, I’d contact Wyze support for a replacement if it’s still in its warranty period.