Does the outdoor plug support dimming?

Does the outdoor plug support dimmable bulbs? Going to use it with some patio lights and would be neat if I could dim them with the plug.

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The outdoor and indoor plugs don’t have a dimming function. The plug simply cuts power when off and applies it when turned on. I don’t believe that the plug would ever be able to do this because it would be a hardware change.

I had a hunch. Thank you!

Smart plugs in general that support dimming are very uncommon. I have one by GE and another by Leviton. I see there is now finally an outdoor version on Amazon that’s dimmable.
The reason they are uncommon is that they can cause damage to things like small appliances or even be hazardous if someone dims the wrong thing. It’s also the reason most of the few that exist have only 2-prong plugs and are meant for lamps. The new outdoor one I see on Amazon is 3-prong

And I’m sure they aren’t as cheap as the wyze.

$21.95 Smart Dimmer Plug Treatlife Outdoor Smart Plug Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Light Dimmer Remote Control, Max Power 400W, IP44 Waterproof for Dimmable Outdoor Lights, Floor Lamp, Table Lamp - -

Cool thanks! I mean I already have the wyze plug so I guess I’ll try this first, but the price is this dimmable one really isn’t bad!

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The Treatlife ones work great!

I’ve used two for outdoor string lights for almost a year now.

I use their switches inside my house as well.


I’m late to the party on this one, but do own the Treatlife referenced above and use it for outdoor string lights. I bought it before the Wyze Plug was released, but was really hoping Plug was dimmable so I could have 1 less app for my “smart things”. Not sure if it would be a software-enabled change, but sure would be a nice feature request.