Vintage outdoor weatherproof string lights

It would be truly amazing if Wyze came out with “Vintage style outdoor weatherproof string lights” that can connect to the Wyze Lamp Socket or to the Wyze Solar Panel for power.

These lights are found in hardware stores in the garden section and are abundant online in solar powered options or direct power connections. They tend to come in 25 foot strips but connect to each other to make longer strands. These string lights are very popular and seen in many home decks. Downside to all these other brands is that most do not have a smart connection/app option to automate them with IFTTT.

I currently have one of these string lights connected to a wyze outdoor plug, but that simply does not look good. The Wyze outdoor plug is so big and bulky, that the home does not look as sharp as it can and there is no option to dim lights with this Wyze outdoor plug. The lights I purchased are dimmable, but that feature cannot be automated since the Wyze outdoor plug does not support that. Having Wyze offer these outdoor string lights, one could connect these outdoor lights to the home lighting system and have them dim or set to schedules to make the entire home lighting Wyze ready, inside and/or out.

Personally I am sick of seeing these lights everywhere… and I have them myself. :wink:

Haha. Maybe you could get rid of yours and you won’t be sick of them anymore… then when you start missing them again, you can buy the new wyze vintage outdoor lights that the cool admins here decided to make. Hehe. :sunglasses: