Outdoor Plug Dimmer option

I would like my outdoor plug to have a dimmer function so I wouldn’t be considering an additional product for my porch lights

Your porch lights are plugged into an Outdoor Plug? Usually they’re hard-wired.

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Sorry. They’re a string of lights on my porch. I should have been more clear.

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Moderator Note:

Hi @jkindave and Welcome to the Forum Community, This is an idea which really should be in the #wishlist category so other users can also vote for it and possibly Wyze can add it. I have moved it to this category.
Please hop on over there - #wishlist - and VOTE for it. For your vote to count, you must click the VOTE button at the top of the page.**

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Voting for this feature as well. I’m using the Outdoor Plug to control string lights on a deck. The string lights support dimming but you need to plug them into something that controls the dimming. There are other similar outdoor plug units which support this feature via an app. I wonder if this could be implemented via a firmware update to provide a slider for controlling the amount of power being delivered (per outlet).

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There should be a dimmable feature for the wyze plug outdoor so you can use with various lights such as string lights.


Did you vote above?

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ditto on the string lights. had to purchase another brand and we are a wyze household!

Voted! Been wanting this for my outdoor string lights. Please make this happen Wyze! Christmas is coming soon!