Wyze Plug dimming

I don’t see anywhere in the specs about dimming capability. I have a couple lights that the Wyze bulb will not work with. Is this available or will it become available?

The plugs do not support dimming. I would not expect that to be added as it could potentially damage certain types of devices.


Yeah, I could see that as a problem if it gets used for appliances and such

It’s difficult to find a smart plug with dimming because of the reasons already stated. There’s a lot of people out there that have zero understanding of electricity and might accidentally use them on something that can’t be dimmed, could be destroyed if dimmed, or even cause a hazard.

I was able to find two different brands of smart plugs with dimming that I bought because I have a tall floor lamp that I use 4 old fashion Edison style bulbs in. The difference in the dimming smart plugs I bought and other non dimming ones is that it only has a two prong plug (no ground pin)


You are absolutely correct. I went with 2 brands. One makes an actual outlet that dims but like you said two prong. And I bought a dimmer that plugs into an existing outlet because it also acts as an extender for the rest of that brand ecosystem. I’d love to just have one brand do it all instead of 2 or 3. Wyze ya listenin :wink:


I would really like to have a plug device with dimming capability even though I know this is challenging to differentiate from the regular plug. This has been a major barrier for me to switch from my ancient X10 system.

Even with the mountain of smart plugs available from different manufacturers, there are ver few dimming capable plugs. I lknow of only a couple on Amazon, one is by Leviton which would disconnect on me at times and the other which I currently use is a Zigbee one by GE and has been working great. The reason there are so few is because it’s a safety issue due to people not realizing and using them to plug things not capable of dimming like appliances and other electronics. Doing that can either damage the appliance or worse.
It’s also why the dimming plugs have only two prong plugs to help prevent that.

Here’s the GE Zigbee one I use that connects directly to the built in Zigbee hub on my Echo plus. I use it in a lamp that has 4 decorative bulbs so smart bulbs wouldn’t work well for that.

GE Zigbee Dimmer Plug-In, 2-Outlet Lighting Control, Pairs Directly with Echo 4th Gen/Echo Show 10 (All)/Echo Studio/Echo Plus (All)/Eero Pro 6, White, 45852GE https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019G6RQCS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_QyiZFbFA18XPQ

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