Now Available: Wyze Lamp Socket 12/17/21

Wyze Lamp Socket is now available again! A simple way to power your Wyze Cam v3 anywhere you have a light. Plus, convert any lightbulb into a motion-activated security light that has dusk-to-dawn scheduling! :crescent_moon:

Available for purchase at:


I’m assuming that since the power needs to be left on continuously that only on-off switches are supported, no types of dimmers? And is it correct that the max wattage of the bulb cannot exceed 30 watts?

I understand the lamp must be powered on all the time for this to work. Can I replace the current physical switch with a Wyze smart switch (and permanently connect the wires) so that I can still physically toggle the light?

The socket should not be powered by a dimmer switch (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dimmer switch on an outdoor fixture).

On your second question, the bulb that is screwed into the socket cannot exceed 30 watts, so generally only CFL and LED bulbs can be used. If incandescent, it must be below 30 W.

@nkiesel - The socket must be powered on all the time. The Bulb goes on and off as the socket commands. For instance, when it gets dark out. Or with motion and a timeout for the motion. Or by scheduled rule. As a last resort you can turn it on and off from the camera’s live view screen, but that is somewhat cumbersome.

Did you just want the ability to turn it off with the Wyze Switch? Because that’s the only control it would have. The bulb is powered by the socket, so the only thing you could do with the switch is turn it off using smart commands, IF the Bulb you screwed into the socket is smart. If I remember right, the socket doesn’t use smart commands; it just applies power to whatever is there. So when power is applied by the socket you could manipulate it using smart commands IF the bulb that was placed in the socket is smart. That means color, brightness & off is all the control you would have (of course you could turn it back on after you turn it off, but it was already on when you started).


Thanks for the info. In my configuration this won’t work since I have 100 watt bulbs and will be putting in a dimmer for lighting effects in my driveway. I would like a camera in that area but I’m guessing that I’ll just pull wire to the location I need to power the camera(s) directly.

Most people are switching to more efficient LEDs for those long-powered bulbs outdoors nowadays. So today, without changing socket or switch, you can just screw in a color smart bulb from any manufacturer and do what you describe. :slight_smile:

If you want the camera, just put a socket in and power the bulb from dusk to dawn, with color and brightness settings as you please. That would give you the additional USB socket for the camera.


Will this ever be available in black?

this is unavailable for international shipping (using amazon) since long time, when will be available again?

It is a 120V, 60Hz E26 socket device – can you use that in your location? Those specifics might have been what led them to restrict shipping (to reduce returns?)