Dimmable Wyze Lamp Socket?

Totally perfect and about time easy way to power V3 cameras and use them as motion sensors. The biggest drawback is it is only a light bulb on or off device. All my outdoor security lighting that we have been looking to replace are Dual Bright - meaning they are one-half 50% brightness and switch to full 100% brightness when motion is detected.

Hopefully, there will be a Wyze Lamp Socket Pro coming out soon with advanced features such as being Dimmable and having a dual bright option too.

What else would you like to see added to the Wyze Lamp Socket?

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While you’re waiting, you can screw a Wyze smart bulb into the fixture and program it to any brightness you like. When the camera switches it off by turning off the socket, it will come back on at whatever brightness it was last at, and be fully programmable while on.

However, the idea behind the motion control is the bulb comes ON when that happens. A big brightness increase.

You could also turn the light on between sunrise and sunset, and create a rule that would increase brightness on a Wyze smart bulb when motion is detected. However, the way the rules are currently constructed you’d need a separate device like an unused plug somewhere in your house to automatically turn the brightness down after x minutes (you would first increase the brightness on motion, and turn on the plug. Then turn the plug off and turn the brightness back down after the plug has been on x minutes.)

If anyone has more feature requests, then they should go into a separate wish. Only 1 wish per Wishlist item, please. Too hard to close them otherwise. :slight_smile: