Motion detector light fixture


I know Wyze lights aren’t to be used by dimmers. But can they be used by motion controlled light fixtures? I use these at night. Thanks

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A dimmer can reduce the voltage to the bulb or way screw up the waveform. I wouldn’t expect those things from a motion-controlled light fixture, but the bulb wouldn’t be powered when there is no motion. So all you might be able to do it turn it off after it the fixture powers it up? Doesn’t the fixture already do that?


In theory you could, assuming the motion light doesn’t have a dim setting. (My porch fixture stays on all night in a dimmed mode until it detects motion, at which point it gets much brighter)

…but honestly, I can’t imagine a scenario in which it would make ANY sense to use a smart bulb in a fixture like this. While the fixture hasn’t detected motion, the bulb will receive no power, so you won’t be able to remotely turn the light ON, because the light won’t be powered. So the only thing you could really do is turn the bulb OFF, AFTER motion has been detected. But even then, you’d probably have to wait a minute or two after the motion for it to connect to WiFi. And depending on your fixture settings, your fixture may have already turned the light off by that point.

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I didn’t think about that. Great point. I should change out all fixtures then add the bulbs.

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Cool. With a “dumb” fixture and a Wyze Bulb, you could even add a Wyze Sense motion detector to retain motion control, and you’d have the added benefit of being able to manually turn it on/off with your phone or voice, etc. But be aware that the motion detectors aren’t optimized or rated for outdoor use, so you may get some false positives. You’d also need to make sure they’re shielded from weather.

Obviously if you fry it due to weather exposure, you’re on your own. I don’t think the Wyze Bulbs are technically for outdoor use either, although most fixtures probably shield the bulb enough to avoid major problems. Thankfully, everything is cheap enough that it wouldn’t be terribly heartbreaking if the elements kill something.

I think I may do this. I need to light my path each night for my nightly snack and meds.

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