Wyze Plug with 90 degree connection (wall hugging)

You can purchase them on Amazon (as well as other places). Here is one example:

On Amazon, just search for “short outlet extension” and you’ll find a variety of styles, including ones with rotating plugs like the one qlang243 had, and even one that has a superthin plug that leads to a 3 outlet extension.

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Thanks Lonnie.

Plug suggestion - 90 degree

I love using the plug for household lights that we have sitting on chests & tables and have Alexa around the house to give verbal or scheduled commands to.

My suggestion is for a 90 degree plug to give more space for cabinets that are located against a wall – the light plug needs another inch or so, on top of the inch from Wyze – requires tables to sit further from the wall.

I found a couple options from online searching, but would have bought from Wyze !

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