Right angle or 90-degree connector for power

Currently the straight connector protrudes and interferes with window curtain. A 90-degree connector pointing down would reduce this problem.

if I’m understanding you correctly this or something similar might be something to look at. and it would give you much more options than just 90 degree rotation. I currently have a thing that plugs into the wall and has 4 outlet plugs on it. and each of the 4 rotate like this. I’’ look for a link to something like that

currently these are unavailable but you’ll get the idea on what to search.



here is basically what I use and I love it.


some other options for you.



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HDRock has the correct idea.

I am concerned with the USB connection. Currently the plug protrudes straight out the back which requires additional space behind the device. In my case, it pushes against my vertical blinds. Any right-angle connection would direct the wire in a way to allow the camera to use less space. A 90° angle to the left, right or down could be useful. I realize I can buy these online but getting them initially improves the product and reduces waste.


For power outlets that don’t have a lot of free space in front of them (such as being behind a shelf or having items directly in front of it), it would be great to have a Wyze Plug whose outlet goes ninety degrees in another direction, like this.
I’m not sure if this is challenging from an engineering perspective but it would also diversify the Wyze Plug two-pack with a different format, or could be added to a bigger start kit/pack.