Side mount USB Power Plug wanted for V3

I have a Wyze V3 mounted outside and the Power Plug fits into an In Service Weather protected box with an Electrical Outlet inside. The problem is that the length of the Power Plug plus the length of the USB Connection is too long to close the Lid on the In Service Weather protected Box… What I could use is a side mounted USB connection (Similar to my Samsung Phones) to reduce the overall length… I thought about just using the Samsung plug, but there is a difference as far as Amperage from the Wyze Plug… Anyone have a Solution for me?

How about something like this?

Thanks for the reply, but if you have to plug in the Wyze USB power Plug into that and then add the USB Connection into that, it would be even more of a problem as the width of the Box would not accommodate this width wise.

Can you post a picture of the box so we can conceptualize it better?

I was thinking this would let the adapter cover the outlet instead of coming out from it. It wouldn’t be wider unless the grounds are pointing to the side.

I looked at your recommendation, and It would not protrude from the side. However it would take two outlets and I using the upper outlet already for a Wyze Plug… Here are pictures of my In service Box. The Cover will not shut because of the V3 Plug is too long.

How about something like this?

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I think maybe something more like this:

Here is another:


There are lots of side plug wall warts available on Amazon. I have several of them in various places. The reality is that with the exception of some high power devices, almost all USB wall wants can be used for almost any device.

Thanks for all of the replies… I can try some of the suggested plugs.