Mounting do protect plug

I bought 2 WyzeCam V3s. I am going to mount at least one of these outside. Im wondering what people do in order to protect the cable/plug at the socket?

The sockets on our porch are covered and somewhat away from where the elements can get to them but there is always a chance. What is the best way to protect the plug from moisture?

Use an outlet cover, like this:

or replace the outlet with one with built-in USB port, but will still need a low-profile cover.

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Or run low voltage DC cabling (e.g., PoE Cat5) from inside to the outside instead with appropriate adapters. For shorter runs regular USB.

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I have run an extension cord then plug the Wyze USB wall wart into the extension cord then put the wall wart & end of extension cord in a ziploc bag positioned so a Mississippi downpour can’t affect it.

We simply replaced our outdoor outlet with a one that has a plastic clear box cover over the outlet that allows a outdoor extension cord to fed through the bottom of the plastic box. It was easy to do and under $25.

You don’t really need to replace the outlet itself. The cover installs over a standard outlet using the same screw holes, and the cover comes with its (longer) replacement screws.