Wyze plug outdoor design issue

Anyone know why the Wyze plug outdoor has a “lip” sticking up interfering with the outlets? I finally had a use for mine but then couldn’t use it as it doesn’t have a flat surface for larger plugs like you find on outdoor equipment. It will only accept small plugs that don’t overlap the face due to this silly lip that protrudes. I suppose I could plug in a short extension cord, or file off the lip, but I do wonder if Wyze stuff gets user tested in the real world. All kinds of things (like AC adapters) can’t be plugged in due to this “feature”.

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Now you’re making me go outside and look. I had noticed an issue. One has a standard outdoor 3 wire extension cord plugged in (with the molded plug), and the other has the huge plug with built in GFCI for an air conditioner.

I think it’s so water drips of that lip instead of running along the flat surface and coming in contact with your plug prongs.

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It can work if the plug has a small raised area (like some GFCIs). The cord I needed to plug in is a heavy-duty one with a fat round plug. It would sort of work but wasn’t in all the way, so worse for water penetration than if it were flat