Need a Smart Plug that fits a vertical outlet

I have a contact sensor that keeps going offline. When I restart the Pan Cam it comes back online. I was wanting to plug it into a smart plug but then I realized that the Wyze Plugs aren’t going to fit. Are there any plugs that will work with the one in this picture?

There are a few vertical ones out there, but I do not believe they would work either as they are still wider than the plug portion of the outlet so the door would still be in the way. I have the same issue on one of mine outside that I am planning to use for xmas lights and I have moved on to installing a smart plug itself and reusing the waterproof cover.

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I have several of these round ones that fit inside my outdoor outlet in-use covers:

You can’t use two on a single outlet plate, but they’re not as wide as the stacking kind so they work where the width is restricted.

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Those might work, in the scenario they showed the door would be very close, not positive if it would work, but I would look at switching it to a covered one like the one you show if leaving something plugged in always

Yeah, I don’t see any GFCI protection on the outlet (maybe on the circuit), so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change out the whole outlet and put an outdoor cover on it. I did that with all of mine and I’ve been pretty happy with the jumbo “in-use” covers that leave plenty of room for smart plugs and cords inside the weatherproof enclosure.


Those outlets are new. The GFCI is in the circuit.
It is outside but it is under a covered porch so it never gets wet. I will try the round ones and see if it fits, thanks for the suggestion!

Is there a routine I can set up in the Wyze app that will let me restart the Wyze pan like every couple of hours?

You can use Rules to schedule one or more camera restarts. I’m not sure if that will fix the issue with the contact sensor or if it requires a real power cycle, but you can try it and see :slightly_smiling_face:

I see the “rule” now and just set it up to restart every 4 hours. I don’t need an extra smart plug now! Thanks for the help!


The smart plug would only come in if you have to do an actual power off/on. If you are fixing things with just the reset you should be good

I didn’t even think about there being a rule I could use until after I posted the question. But I am glad I did because those round plugs that were suggested can surely help other folks with an outlet shape issue.

I have ONE smart plug on ONE of my v2s inside my house and I have an IFTTT trigger to text me when it powers off and on.
That’s how I know when my power goes off or if I have a power surge flicker :grin:

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That is something I have never thought of, I wonder how big a ‘flicker’ must be to trigger it

These short 1 foot extension cords are handy with a rotating plug. They also have a really good review rating. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maximm Cable 1 Foot 360° Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord/Wire, 3 Prong Grounded Wire 16Awg Power Cord - White - UL Listed

The only thing I do not trust on those is where the rotating part is, there are sometimes issues with the power connection at that point, I have seen some just fail and some short out.

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I could see the potential of failure on the cheaper ones. I guess it depends on where and how it is used. This one pecticular one is 5 star rating with almost 500 reviews. YMMV

I probably used the word “flicker” a bit to flippantly… In my area we sometimes have issues in the summer time where the power will go off for under a minute and flip back on. We have had a horrible hot summer here in Mobile, AL and I think all the air conditioners running so hard affect the power grid. But, that’s why I used the term “flicker.”

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Here are some I use if anyone is uncomfortable with the rotation aspect. They are high-quality and 8" long. I’ve got two odd devices plugged in with these (a smart switch in my garage, and a powerline network adapter up by my clerestory windows). I wouldn’t recommend using this sort of thing outdoors, though:

Ok, I understand, we got those when I used to live in Las Vegas, I have more stable power where I am now. I dont mind the hot summers, 115 is a norm in Vegas we even had lows that were over 100, what I can’t handle is the awful humidity you probably have out there.

I own quite a few of those, they come in handy

I have used the short extension cords referenced above, i also got an outdoor TP-Link one when they were on sale See link

They can make them to turn for us. I agree. I would like to see the cords has a tape strip on the wiring that could be used to secure .