Wyze plug mounting warning

How important are the restrictions on the Wyze plug to be at least 2 feet above the ground and vertical? Not sure if I can find outside plugs that are that high.

I suspect they are trying to prevent splash from the ground or certainly submerging will both trip the breaker or damage the Waze device. I bought one too and this is my opinion.

The thing with water resistant devices is that if water gets in, it still needs to get out, and it will get in. The vertical mounting is in my best guess, what they found will let any water that gets in out most efficiently and safely.

I’ve got several Wyze plugs in various indoor locations. One is plugged in upside down from an outlet in a ceiling. Others are installed in power strips or on extension cords to control various devices. None of that has made any difference in regards to operations. I agree with others that it’s only an issue if it might be used where it could get wet.