Wyze plug has stopped using rule that turns off appliance

Nothing has changed and I am able to turn it off and on with the app but the rule is inactive, though still there. I have a Wyze router that I learned, too late, despite being in the same location as the combo modem/router I replaced with separate devices, is unable to deliver an adequate signal (internet speed dropped to 60-down/10-up) to my computer BUT, 6 weeks ago I switched my phone to T-mobile and the app is running via it rather than Wi-fi. Recently I had been getting a pop up message about something not syncing that would clear when I clicked on the plug icon. I’m not getting that message now.

When the rule is supposed to run, is it producing an entry in the Rules History?

At the top right of the Rule Edit screen, is the Enabled toggle on?

If you create a shortcut Rule to do the same task as the Rule you are using, does it succeed?

Can you post a screenshot of the Rule?

The image probably answers your question about the rule and what it does, when.
I wish I had known to check the history the first time it malfunctioned. It was several nights ago and I cannot tell from the history when it may have begun having problems. I do know for sure that I have to set an alarm to remind me to turn it off now. Should the blue light be on? I’ve noticed it is not but I have not set it to be turned off. I have this identical run for another plug and it is working.

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When the plug is on, the blue light is on. When the plug is off, the blue light is off. If it gets disconnected from the WiFi, it blinks blue fast. When it is blinking blue slow, it is looking for the WiFi.

Because this is being executed from a rule, if the server cannot make contact with your network, the Rule will attempt to execute, but will fail. It will not retry.

I would power cycle the plug by unplugging it for a minute then plug it back in to make it reconnect with the server. Then monitor the next time the plug is turned on, wait 50 min, then check the rules History to see if it executed.

So the plug operates off the Wyze router signat yet my phone, through which I use the app, is not connected to WiFi. I worry the problem lies there, somehow, despite it working for several weeks without a problem. In truth, I’m surprised that it has worked at all. I’ll reset the plug; wish I could reset my trust. Thanks for your help.

Correct. The Wyze Plug requires the specific 2.4GHz WiFi Network signal on which it was installed. The SSID and Password you gave it when you installed it onto the network are the only network settings it has to use for WiFi.

Your phone and App, on the other hand, can access the internet from anywhere in the world so long as you have internet signal. This can be thru a 5GHz WiFi Network, a 2.4GHz WiFi Network, or your Mobile Carrier’s Cellular Data Network.

Your phone only connects to your plug when it uses the BLE at the initial install. After that, all control of the plug goes thru the internet and Wyze Servers, regardless of what network your phone is using to access the internet.

If you can turn the plug on and off using the app, you are doing it thru the internet to the Wyze Servers and back thru your ISP to your plug. This confirms it is connected… currently.

If you create the Shortcut Rule I suggested, that will test if the Rules Engine is correctly working with the plug.

I don’t think your phone has anything to do with the problem at all. Here is why: The Rule is saved in the Wyze Server. When the plug turns on, regardless of what turned it on (physical button press, app button press, Wyze Rule, Alexa Action, Google Home Action), the server registers this change in state and, per the rule, the timer starts. After 45m, the server sends an off command thru the internet to your plug to turn off. Your phone isn’t in that process. Your phone could be completely off and it should still work.

The key here is your ISP and the Mesh Router getting an adequate and consistent WAN internet signal from the ISP. If your ISP has spotty service, those commands from the server may not be delivered. That is why the Rules History is important to review. From the looks of your ISP speeds, I would be highly suspect of their quality of service. 60-down/10-up on a computer by wired LAN is abysmal. There are DSL connections faster than that.

The slow speeds are from my desk location. If I take my computer and test it next to the Wyze router, the speed is good. Like you, I thought the problem was Xfinity and by the time I discovered that the problem was actually that the router’s signal was not strong enough to reach my computer, I could not return the router. Maybe someday I can move the modem and router closer but right now I’m stuck. Since the plug is even further from the router than my computer, I was honestly surprised that it picked up the signal at all.

Give this a shot… Stand the router up on its side and point the top of the router at your desk. See if the signal improves.

I’ve wondered if the signal was directional. I’ll give that a try tomorrow. Thanks.

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I have my root router in the house. I have a Sattelite Node in an adjacent garage. I was getting a less than favorable signal. I put both of the routers up on their side and pointed them at each other. I improved the signal quality by about 15%. In reading, it appears that most of the signal from the orientation of the antenna inside the router emanates from the top of the router in a wide cone shape.

So, on its side with the top facing this direction, then?

Yes. On its side with the top facing your desk. Point the top where you want the signal to go.

Download 225, Upload 12! Incredible! Setting the router on its side and pointing it toward where my computer is made a huge difference!

Also, in setting the router on its side, it I may possibly have discovered what led to the rule problem (time will tell). While the modem and router were in the same location, the TV cart on which they had been sitting was moved to a different room where the TV is being used for streaming (dropped Xfinity cable TV & only have internet). Their temporary location is on the shelf of a step ladder which I guess might be 24" higher than they had been. Given the cone distribution of the signal, perhaps this limited its reach to the plug at floor level far away.

Kudos to you! Again! You helped me create the rule for the plug originally and continue to be the reason I have any success with Wyze products!

In truth, I’m discouraged and reluctant to buy the camera as planned (and doorbell, possibly) because of the problems with the interface and lack of interest by Wyze in improving the app. I noticed that a wish for desktop access was listed as a wish that had been granted but really could not find, in that thread, more information about it. Also, the ad push users are reporting is a big negative for a user, like myself, who need things simple and direct. I certainly doubt they would ever consider their choice of light grey and aqua and how it makes use by someone with limited vision difficult.

Thanks again and best wishes.

Awesome! I’m glad it improved your connectivity!

That feature was granted thru the Live Web View platform on the Wyze Web Portal, my.wyze.com, and selecting My Cameras.

" That feature was granted thru the Live Web View platform on the Wyze Web Portal, my.wyze.com, and selecting My Cameras." So it is not something I can examine since I don’t have a camera? The link doesn’t open for me.

Yes. The Computer Access Wishlist is for viewing the cams, not for controlling any devices. And, you have to have Cam Plus on the cam to use it.