Will Wyze Plug follow a Rule without WiFi?

Hi, Group. I need to occasionally reset my WiFi router for whatever reason. It can go for months with no problems, then need a reboot daily before being fine again. Question is not about the router, but the Wyze Plug because the router is really hard to get to.

I considered plugging the router into the Wyze Plug. That way I could use the Plug to power cycle the router… buuuut then once the router is off, I would lose my connection to the Plug of course!

Anyone know if I can create a Rule for the Plug - i.e. turn OFF for 5 seconds, then autonomously turn back ON, knowing that the WiFi will be shut off during those 5 seconds? More clearly: Will the Plug continue to work through a Rule if WiFi is disconnected while it is executing?

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I don’t think it will work, but you could create such a rule and test it in an area without wifi. I think the rules are stored and executed on the Wyze servers. I do know that Kasa plugs can be accessed without internet access, but still need wifi.

As @WildBill said, unfortunately this won’t work. The automations require connection to Wyze’s servers and the internet.

An unfortunate weakness - thanks guys for the info!