Wyze plug at remote no wifi cabin

I have a small Cabin that has no cell phone service and no wifi. I bought a few of the Wyze plugs and set up rules at home. I’ve run into a couple issues.
First, Every plug that I set up seem to convert to the “rules” that i put in place on one device. I can not seem to get different rules on each plug. I’ve deleted them all from my app and re done the setup on them multiple times with the same result.

The main reason I bought most of them was to put at my cabin to turn on the lights and a couple devices on Friday afternoon so that things are ready for family or friends to arrive Friday night. I thought I read that if the Wifi went down (no wifi…) that the “rules” that each plug has in them would continue to function with those rules. The two plugs I had set up ended up being on all the time. They did not follow the rule. Did I misunderstand this? Is there a way to set the wyze plugs up and then remove them from wifi signal and still have them function with the rules they are setup for?

I have seen several comments which indicates that once power is dropped the programming is lost. I have had a great deal of trouble in setting up (19 fail to connect out of 20 tries)
The one and only time I was able to connect and set up some rules I lost them when I unplugged.

I plan to return them.

@tltaylor22-- Rules are saved and run from Wyze servers, so you need an internet connection & WiFi.

@dickblaine – Power loss should not cripple you unless you have Internet or router problems during the loss. My Plugs survive a loss of power and automatically reconnect when power is again available.

But in either case you will need WiFi & Internet.


Some brands may store schedules locally and will work without wifi. I have a Tp-link smart strip that stores schedules locally that power cycles my router once a week.

In rereading my post I realize that I did not state the experience very well.

I was able to set up the rules but was never able to reconnect the smartplug after unplugging/replugging. The rules persisted because, as you pointed out, they are stored on the server.\

My experience in trying to connect was so bad that I suspect there is another problem like RF interference form one of the many other IoT devices in my hours. In any case I plan to return the smartplugs as I am unable to use them.

Thanks everyone. I had done some reading on these before buying them and thought I read that they stored the “rules” on the plug. I guess I’ll use them at my house for now and buy some 7 day programable plugs off amazon. I had a cell modem at the cabin last year that i tried using a few Wyze cameras on but could never get enough outgoing signal to get alerts working consistently. It’s too bad there isn’t a basic internal memory on these plugs to keep them running when Wifi goes down.

The only wyze product that i know will follow a schedule without wifi is the thermostat. And maybe the wyze outdoor cam?